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25 May, 2019

Let It Last Forever

As the remaining members of the group finished off their last exams, the last weekend before family members started flying in for graduation was upon us as well.  Thursday night was spent at Xavi's over some very competitive games of beer pong followed by a nightcap at a local pub over some equally competitive games of shuffleboard.  We called it an early night with the final BU-organised LLM party and Bar Review on the schedule for Friday.

I had physical therapy and some work to knock out of the way so I didn't make it to the first of the two but joined the crew at a rooftop bar overlooking Fenway for a few rounds, then making our way to Aline's to continue pre-gaming before heading to Venu to dance our way into Saturday.

Sunny Saturday meant a uniquely Bostonian lunch at Dillon's complete with lobster rolls and clam chowder, running errands, dinner and drinks at The Bebop and an ice-cream run.   Lina had decided that with such limited time left to see everyone that she would, for once, off from her internship, join us on a night out.  Things never quite go as planned so she ended up heading home early from Thay's and a small group of us went to our local.

A rainy Sunday filled with work was spiced up over dinner with bestie at a Spanish restaurant called Toro in the South End.  We decided that their "Fancy Crane" cocktail comprised of vodka, passion fruit puree and sparkling rosé needed to be renamed to my own, laughed at the titling of one of their red wine's being Obrigado (though Thay opted for the Tiger Island instead) and had a proper girly catch up over cow's milk cheese and freshly baked bread, some of the most succulent and well-seasoned prawns I've ever had the pleasure of having (seriously--if you go here, you have to try the Gambas al Ajlillo!), forever insanely good Maiz Asado, patatas bravas, and some mini hamburgers with tomato jam and pickled red onions.

Wifey and I finished off the evening at Yvonne's, fully charged for the jam-packed day to follow.



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