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16 May, 2019

Give It To Me: S/S 2019 Mixed Haul: Victoria's Secret, ASOS, Lulu's & Boo Hoo

A girl can never have too much underwear in my humble opinion and for whatever reason, I feel like my usual choices have been reducing rapidly recently whether it's them breaking, disappearing in the laundry or it just being time to retire the pair.  Whilst dangerously browsing around Victoria's Secret I gave in and added some new pairs of leggings to my cart considering it's really all I'm wandering around in these days which I am, admittedly ashamed of but hell, it's a student city so I blend in a lot better going to the library in a pair of these rather than a dress and heels...not that that's ever stopped me from doing the latter.

ASOS had a crazy good sale and similarly to my panties sitch, I felt it was time to give away some of my cami's away and stumbled upon one after the other.  I couldn't say no to this sexy little leopard one-piece with some Cape Cod days beckoning me out in the distance and a good tight skirt now and again does a girl good.

My shopping spree was inspired by the hunt for a graduation dress and whilst not a single one that I'd originally selected for that purpose worked out, I now have a closet full of gorgeous gowns that will surely be used for another event instead. The cobalt blue dress below straight up makes me feel like a Kennedy.  I don't remember the last time I put on a dress and just felt p e r f e c t so although it wasn't considered a grad dress candidate upon purchase, I've since looped back to Boo Hoo and, I kid you not, grabbed it in every single available colour and will decide from those for the big day.  Boo Hoo tempted me with the simple, sexy, elegant strappy sandal making its way to their new home, one colour after the other.

All from here for now! Thanks for checking in! As per usual, if you fancy any of these goodies too you can grab them in the widget below.



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