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27 May, 2019

Failure Was Never An Option: BU LLM Class of 2019

“Every time you didn’t think you could do it, you did.”

As incomprehensibly fast as this year has gone by, each moment has been a lesson and a beautiful memory crafted at the hands of some of the most intriguing, supportive, intelligent, passionate and kind-hearted people that have left me feeling blessed, inspired and in awe. I am so happy that I made the decision to return stateside, against all odds, in order to pursue my Masters in Law because without having done so, I wouldn’t have met or become a part of this family. I never could have imagined being able to connect with so many people from so many different corners of the worlds and walks of life on the level that I have and for that, for you all, I am truly grateful.

Often the things that come easily to us are not those that are worth it. It has been an uphill battle these past few years for many a reason so to make it to the finish line in good standing feels like a dream come true and a massive goal that has finally been met. I can’t quite come to grips with the fact that this, however, means that it’s all over. I know that although my time in school has now come to a close that the career path I have chosen will allow me the privilege to continue learning for the rest of my life.

Having my Mama make the trans-Atlantic trip, broken as ever, and to have had Lina here to follow along for almost the full year has made this graduation that much more special for us as she’s been able to see what goes into achieving this degree. My auntie Helene flew in from the Cayman Islands, much to my surprise, in order to take part in the festivities as well, giving me my three best girls by my side to celebrate this occasion.

On the day of our commencement, Dean Onwuachi-Willig mentioned in her speech how, as hard as we as students work towards getting our law degrees that family, friends and partners alike have sacrificed a lot as well. In the times that we’ve been unavailable mentally, emotionally and//or physically in order to meet what is required of us, they too were impacted.

To all of you who have supported, respected, understood and sacrificed in the course of both my LLB and LLM, my deepest of thank you’s as it could not have been possible without your doing so.

Shortly after making this remark, our Dean then mentioned how she knew that there were people who would give anything to be there with us on this momentous occasion, but for reasons out of their control, could not be...but that they were there in spirit. For her to then follow up this commentary with the crux of her speech being based on my Daddy’s favourite book, “To Kill A Mockingbird”, sent tears down my cheeks and goosebumps throughout my body. As in London, he came along for the ride with the same photographs and emails taped inside of my graduation hat and in his Danish/American flag pin I wore under my regalia. His spirit, euphoria, pride and love echoed loudly throughout the day as it has since the day he passed.

Failure was never an option & I am now one step closer and extremely proud and excited to getting paid for being stubborn, cut-throat, passionate and analytical as hell in the pursuit of justice. New York Bar, here I come!

Congratulations to all of the BU graduates this year and specifically to the amazing group of individuals that now walk away with a Masters in Law & can proudly call themselves Boston University School of Law graduates of 2019!! It has been an honour.


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