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23 May, 2019

Better Off

Food, family, sunshine, and connecting with nature--some of the finest bits of life.  Finally done with university and Lina having a few days off from her whale watching internship meant we got to hang out for the first time in what feels like forever.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous so we wanted to spend as much of our sister days together outside as possible.  The first stop was a new Italian place on Newbury for a pigging out session and from there, Boston Commons.  It never ceases to amaze me how beautifully kept parks in the middle of some of the world's biggest cities can make you feel like you've just transported off into the countryside for a few hours.  The tulips, the dogs, the babies, the glistening water, the jazz music being played, carried by a light breeze--what absolute bliss.

Lina noticed a favourite coffee shop of hers on our way to the park so on the way back we stopped in for a caffeine kick and some macaroons before getting in a bit of shopping in preparation for Lina's up-and-coming return to Galesburg, Illinois for her two best girls' graduation at the end of May. We ended our day at The Bebop over whisky, nachos and live music well into the night.  The day after was spent out in the sunshine working, gobbling down sandwiches and bagels, succumbing to the temptation of a nap and topping off two perfect days with some cheeky Dominos pizza in bed over Shrek.

I love you nugget, you make life worth living you ball of sunshine, you.
A round of applause to all the sisters out there!  I'm gonna miss having you around when you head off on your next adventures but I know that somewhere along the way, I will rejoin you for adventures of our own.



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