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19 April, 2019

Spring Has Sprung

It's been hinted at for far too long before being taken away with a bitter cold day or two following  the most gorgeous of seemingly Spring-like sunshine filled days but finally, it would appear as though Spring has sprung in Boston!!

I started up on physical therapy twice a week and the road ahead is still long and trying of my patience but we are looking forward with positivity and perseverance!  I only need to wear my sling in crowded places so that those who are unaware as to my injury become it, avoiding any further potential issues.  I'm pain free for the most part with some localised pain and soreness now and again and still get some pretty gnarly headaches but *knock on wood* I seem to be making a good recovery!

Lina and I celebrate the beautiful weather and an unexpected day with my first trip to the nail salon post-op but not before stopping at a food truck we've had our eyes on and wow, so worth the wait!  My only critique is that it'd be awesome if they had a small table and a couple of chairs out front to sit and enjoy our food at rather than us plunking down on the sidewalk to soak in the delicious grub in the glorious sunshine.

Time is ticking away with roughly on a month left of this beautiful BU experience and everyone's nostalgia and longing for each other's company has been kicked into high gear!! We took our class portrait the same day of Amy and Bruce's wedding and Tim's birthday celebrations.  All went swimmingly and with new, good company being introduced yet again into our marvellous group.

I miss you guys so much and you're not even gone yet.  Treasuring every moment!!



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