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05 April, 2019

Spring Break, 2019

Hello babies :)

I know, I know...we're backed up.  Life's just been absolutely mental--especially with the shoulder surgery thrown into the works.  I'm sitting here hoping that after this many years of me apologising for the delays that you rockstars just know that it's how it works unfortunately.  It's like Christmas!! The suspense is worth it ;) Okay, so that's taking it a bit too far but you get where I'm coming from haha

My Spring Break was definitely different than most of my fellow classmates because instead of heading home for a bit or jetting off to a tropical location for a some well-deserved down-time, my torn Labrum needed fixin'.

I haven't gone under for almost 20 years so I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't scared.  With everything Lina and I have experienced by way of both of our parents being gravely ill, we've got some trauma and aren't exactly massive fans of hospitals (who is?!) but we trooped through and everyone there was just phenomenal.  One of my nurses who was going to be there throughout the surgery was so sweet, he literally moved us both to tears.  The lead-up to the actual surgery was the most time consuming but thankfully it went off without a hitch! I've woken up under anaesthetic before and my Mum has a history of doing so as well so we were all that extra bit apprehensive but I was in, out and awake just as I was meant to have been.

The cab ride home was a lot less fun but thankfully our Uber driver was a sweetheart!  Thay came over to spend the night because Lina was scared to be alone with me and Lord knows I can't blame her.  We thought we had the blow-up mattress stored away in the closet but of course, all too last minute, realised that Lina had taken it back to D.C. with her over her 21st. birthday trip to Boston so that I had something to sleep on come my Thanksgiving Break visit.  Future best friends--take note.
I'm surprised Lina wound up sleeping in the bed out of fear of hurting me so unsurprisingly Thay was equally resistant and wound up SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR. This girl is just too much <3

Recovery didn't go as smoothly as the surgery had with my having what appeared to be some adverse reactions to the Oxy complete with dizziness, nausea, puking, insanely bad migraines (and I'd know cos I've dealt with those f*ckers since I was 11) and lack of pain management coverage overall.  We had issues getting in contact with the doctors, unsure of whether or not I needed to go to the ER not once but twice and let me just tell you--going six hours post-op without any pain medication in your system is absolute hell.

Lina was, well...incredible doesn't even seem to cover it.  It was not easy for her to see my like that and she was so gentle, helpful, kind, attentive and loving--none of which I expected any less of from this gorgeous creature that I'm so proud and endlessly thankful to have as my sister and as my home nurse!  From tending to chores, running errands, cooking, bloody helping me shower and constantly filling up my Cryo Cuff, she was there.  I must have been out of my god damn mind to have originally booked this surgery when I was going to be alone in addition to scheduling it in RIGHT BEFORE EXAMS.  I straight up would have failed, no doubt!! Everything happens for a reason.

I was met with such phenomenal support from everyone both before the surgery, during recovery and even now after that I'm so grateful for.  Thay, Alvaro and José were some of the few people still in Boston for break and were essentially at my beck & call, bless 'em.  I was allowed to exit the house to get some fresh air in order to greet Alvaro who came up and chilled with me for a few hours and apart from that, I properly left the house and was out in the world like a semi-functional human being a week after surgery.  I had an appointment with my therapist who is located just around the corner from where both Thay and José live so I met up with the little Spanish dude for a cup of coffee and a lovely conversation.  All three of us met up for dinner later on that night, followed by an adventure of a walk through the black ice-covered sidewalks of Boston (thanks for holding/guiding me guys...) for a "drink".

A few days before we were set to start back up at uni again, much of the crew back in town once more, we gathered at Thay's and caught up a bit at the Liberty Hotel later on.  At this point I was already off the Oxy but took it easy, not wanting to risk mixing alcohol and the powerful Opioid that have given me such grief.  Even so, I had a great time and even got a bit of dancing in!!  The Liberty worked out as a great choice because much as I actually had the energy and desire to go out and be one of the gang, being in crowded spaces just wasn't a option for me.

The day after Lina and I met up with Osito on St. Patty's day for brunch and some frustrating attempts, on my behalf at least, to knock out some work.  I discovered the only way for me to get any work done, as minimally painful and effectively as possible, was to cheekily take my arm out of the sling.  Was it fun?  No.  Did I have a research paper worth 80% of my grade for my Public Health Law class due after break though? You bet.  We threw in the towel a few hours later, tried out a Mexican place we'd been recommended and I met up with a friend for a few glasses of whisky to celebrate and catchup, the meds finally out of my system.

It's been a rollercoaster ride alright but I'm so happy to have the worst behind me and to be on the road to recovery so that I can be back to my healthy, accident-prone active self again.  Another massive, massive thank you to everyone for all of your well wishes, kindness, graciousness, love and support. You're too good to me.



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