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07 April, 2019

Pretty Things

I've been a very good girl lately although not so much by choice as it's been by circumstance.  To think I genuinely have been too busy to shop...what a world.  I want to slap myself a bit for even saying that but man it feels good to treat myself a bit hehe

I noticed Thay's crazy-good hi-lighter when we were in New York and hey, y'all know me--I'm horrible when it comes to make up.  Unfortunately the brand she recommended was no longer making her model so I picked up a similar one by Becca.  I'm just loving having a hi-lighter on, not that I'm positive I'm even applying enough, the right place etc. so as far as a review goes, I'm pretty useless at this point in time.  I feel like a sparkly princess when I wear it so that has to mean it's doing its job, right?

Our Law Prom/Barrister's Ball is coming up on Saturday and I found the most gorgeous grey chiffon hi-low gown that I thought I could work really well for the rock n' roll, boho-chic princess vibe that I was aiming for.  Spoiler alert though, my dress never showed up.  Not only did I pay extra to ensure that it would arrive in advance but I received no emails, phone calls, texts--nothing--regarding it's delay.  I reached out to ASOS' customer service the day of since it was already two days delayed, my tracking number wasn't working anymore and I was officially in panic mode only to be told that the package was lost.  I didn't know that what they meant by lost wasn't just, oh, sorry it's not going to make it in time because we sent it to the wrong place but rather, it's lost forever and none of what you purchased is available anymore so all we can offer you is a refund.  I have to say that I have never had this sort of an experience with ASOS.  I swear by them, I've sold my soul to this company years and years ago and even after this sour encounter, I still will but as a word to the wise--always have a back-up dress.

I purchased these beautiful, simple black leather sandal heels from Revolve in addition to the silver leaf headband (of course I nicked the one in gold as well) as parts of Barrister's Ball ensemble.  I ended up using the headband and got an insane amount of compliments on it, although the shoes didn't really work with the outfit I ended up in.

My sweet, sweet Michael Kors Sloan bag in black and I have been inseparable since the date of purchase almost exactly a year ago and I will love it forever but the silver has been wearing off of the chains and the lock is a bit dodgy so I thought it time to retire it.  I think it's the perfect bag--I love the quilting, the adjustable straps, the overall look and feel to it but mainly, for me, the size is what make it so perfect.  I wish the silver plating would have lasted longer because if it weren't for that I'd definitely continue using it.  To replace her, I picked up the gorgeous Whitney anddddd the silver version of the Sloan as well.

Lina as my witness, I squealed like a pig when both of them arrived, immediately dousing them in a good spray of my trusty leather protectant.  The Whitney is quite tight and while it's much deeper than the Sloan, it's not as wide so I think I'll be using it mainly for nights out just because I tend to keep more in my handbags on a daily basis that just can't fit in there.  I wonder/hope that it will expand even just a little bit with time because even just a little extra room would back a huge difference.

I went back and forth on getting the Sloan in silver because I wasn't sure if it was going to be "too much", even for someone with a penchant for the metallic tone but I love it.  It adds a great "pop" and hi-lights whatever other silver I might be wearing (jewellery, belt, shoe buckles etc.) whilst also holding its own.

I picked up two fun new camis--one black and white leopard print top and a shiny black one, and two miniskirts--one in a navy blue and red plaid and a black fringe one from ASOS as well and I love them! The skirts fit perfectly and well, we all know I live in cami tops so another two to the collection will only but a smile on my face.

Thanks for checking in :*

Big love!


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