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29 April, 2019

One Last Taste Of Freedom

Good morning all :)

I know it's been a bit sparse with content here recently but I'm afraid it's going to continue for a bit after this post given my first exam is officially one week away and all I'll be doing will be collecting my final Pro Bono hours for the pledge, studying, panicking, and studying some more until I'm "in the clear" on the 3rd. of May.  On the one hand, it's nice that I'll be done with exams so soon but on the flip side, it leaves me very little time to revise as well so I plan to immerse myself until I am barely human (not that it takes much)!!

A fine example of that very statement could be seen in my state of complete unawareness as to the fact that we had a long weekend a few weeks back both for Patriot's Day and for the Boston Marathon.  You wanna guess when I figured it out?  Friday.  I bloody figured it out on Friday.

With a bit of convincing from both Thay and myself, Marcos, whom we'd met the nigh of Tim's birthday a week prior, came to visit from Connecticut.  The eve of his arrival we headed out with the crew to our go-to spot at The Liberty Hotel and in between long chats, coffee runs and nothing short of sheer idiocy we enjoyed a delicious dumpling-centred dinner at Will & Sofia's followed by a rather long night out on the town.  The day following called for a bit of recovery which was perfectly timed with some stormy weather after a few gorgeous days of warmth and sunshine and the last season of Game of Thrones.

Given how many of us are GOT fans, Thay thought to host a viewing party and so we picked up some supplies for a charcuterie board,  everyone brought a bit to drink, and we nestled in for the much-anticipated final premiere of arguably (not so much so actually...) one of the best series of our generation.

As short of a week as it was, it felt as though it dragged on endlessly and simultaneously, brought with it some twangs of sadness in knowing that I would no longer have a full week of classes at Boston University or, well, likely an university, ever again.

As crazy as it may sound to some, I got teary-eyed when I finished my homework for the semester, looking around the campus with such fondness and longing even amidst the stress of exams around the corner.  I can't wait to get those out of the way but I also wish I could rewind and cherish each moment just that tiny bit more before it's all over and done for good.

Once more, the weekend rolled around--marking our last taste of freedom before we shoved our heads deep into our books, only looking up for an occasional bite to eat, bathroom break, and minimal bit of shut-eye.

Thay and I headed out with Jack, another of our new friends, and his crew Friday and enjoyed the best sushi dinner I've had since arriving in Boston before deciding to test out The Grand.  We feasted like Queens alongside Tala at Empire whilst catching up and de-stressing in good company, calling it an early night to re-charge for what was a long day of Pro Bono work for me and study sessions for the other two ladies.

All from me for now lovelies! Take care & for those of you heading into exams as well, the best of luck to you!! WE'VE GOT THIS!!

Big love,


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