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02 April, 2019

I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it: My 24th. Birthday

One of my colleagues, Zrinka, had rented out the common area penthouse in her building near MIT for a pre-Spring Break party that us lot were invited to.  Now, at the time of this being planned, I'd neither mentioned my birthday nor even really registered that it was happening so soon.  It was a lovely idea even with it making planning anything purely b-day related for that night instead of the Sunday my 24th. fell on impossible and it was a great party!  Little did I expect that at the stroke of midnight, the lights off and Cardi blaring through the speakers, to be surprised with a Danish birthday cake.  Way to hi-jack the party y'all!! Birthday cakes are a strangely emotional thing for me so, of course, I was a blubbering mess who felt very, very loved and very lucky to have met so many truly incredible individuals.

The night got away from us and suddenly it was nearly 2 A.M. and we'd made no successful attempt at going out on the town.  I decided that although it could do with a good clean, that the best option would be for the group to come back to ours for a nightcap.  While Lina and wifey charged upstairs to do a quick clean, I entertained the rest outside with the tempting prospect of soon-arriving pizza.

I woke up the next day to yes, a fair amount of a mess but also to beautiful sunshine seeping through the windows (someone was good this past year!).  While Lina ran out on a mysterious errand, I Skyped the creature who, 24 years back in a hospital in Scottsdale, Arizona was having a hell of a time with me making my grand entrance: Mama.  I told her all about the sweet and hilarious events of the night before over opening presents from her and Mormor and Morfar when suddenly Lina burst through the door with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and an equally gorgeous birthday cake from the Danish fam.  

From there we, both struggling slightly admittedly, got ready for the next stop on the day's agenda and made our way to Cafeteria for my birthday brunch where I was presented with a Pandora ring with my birthstone from Thay, a punny wine glass from Tim, as well as balloons (the joy they bring is so underestimated for people our age) and more beautiful flowers.  Jose managed to pull a fast one on me which wound up feeling like a present.  He'd communicated earlier that morning that he just woke up in a fit of stress over all of the work he had to do and didn't think he'd be able to make it.  Maybe it's a Spanish tradition I'm unaware of but it was apparently a joke with the following messages saying that of course he was coming, "sisters before work" as they say.    

I was unsurprisingly hangry and hormonal but thankfully, even with the majority of the group running late (as per usual), we were all sitting with a plate of food in front of us soon. Unfortunately there were three people who ultimately ended up not being able to make it but it was a great turn out and I'm so happy to have been able to celebrate the day amongst these blessed creatures.

The unappetising amounts of work we had looming overhead seemed unavoidable (for real this time) in the end and so, even on a birthday, we found ourselves studying.  A good point was made in that since we had to work anyways that it may as well be in good company and so Jingshuang, Thay, Jose and myself found ourselves back in the law school library for a few hours.

Unquestionably sleep deprived, slightly delirious and with a late-onset of a hangover, I called it and headed home to find some lovely handmade artwork hanging above my bed that Lina had meant to have hung up upon my awakening, all of the flowers put into water, goodies organised in a basket and a bath ready to be run.

I cozied into a warm bath complete with Lina's signature touch (this time it was dried rose petals!), a face mask and my favourite, most comfortable headband on and noshed away on some of the Danish sweeties that came with my birthday parcels that morning while watching the final season of Scandal.

Our embarrassing amount of Chinese food arrived for dinner as we settled into bed to finally watch The Incredibles II (Side note: Screenslaver? F*cking scary as all hell) over our $60 fast food feast and tucked into my chocolate buttercream cake before swiftly succumbing to a welcomed slumber after a fantastic day.  

It was a pretty low-key event for a plethora of reasons but honestly, just being able to celebrate alongside Lina for the first time in 8 years meant the world to me.  I was spoilt rotten from the get-go and felt such an outpouring of love and support that I couldn't ever have asked for on my first birthday here in Boston.

A massive thank you to everyone who wished me well on my birthday and to all of you wondrous creatures who celebrate me to the fullest in the purest of ways--I don't know what I've done to deserve it but I am so humbled and so grateful.

And suddenly, she was 24…


P.S. As much as I've tried it's seemingly impossible to find anything remotely close to the dress I wore on the day as well as my beloved green leopard coat so I've picked some pretty pleated navy blue dresses and some sick leopard coats instead!


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