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07 April, 2019

Give 'Em Hell

And we back, and we back and we back and weeeeee!! Monday rolled around and as did that healthy dose of nerves and anxiety as to how being back in school for the final two months of my LLM post-surgery was going to go.  Lina escorted me to my first class, nice and early at 8:30 and headed off to shop for her rapidly approaching first day of her whale watching internship.

Thankfully, no issues arose in any of my classes, bar one, where we aren't actually allowed computers where I really struggled with note-taking.  Everyone's been so sweet and helpful this past week and I feel like I'm getting stronger and am able to do more on my own with each passing day.  Being a stubborn sh*t has its benefits!!  I had my post-op appointment and they were very happy with how I was healing but pretty surprised with my range-of-motion.  I did confess to having done a couple of things on my own earlier than suggested but it looks like it paid off.  I'll be starting physical therapy in the first week of April, twice a week for up to 18 weeks but I'm convinced I can do more in less time!

The week was very stressful so once we reached Friday us two ladies decided we deserved some sister time over a feast!! We noshed on clam chowder, fish tacos, a beautiful salad, fish and chips and a brownie sundae as the rain poured down.  Lina's orientation went great and her first day on Sunday went so well it made my heart burst.  She is so interested, keen, enthusiastic and passionate already and I'm so over-the-moon happy for her and proud that she secured this opportunity and will get to have this unique experience out in the field.



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