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08 April, 2019

BU Law: Barrister's Ball, 2019

For a bunch of stuffy, boring (future)/attorneys at law, we clean up nice!! Our Law Prom/Barrister's Ball came on the second to last Saturday of March and everyone looked incredible!! It's so fun to see the people you're used to stressing out in yoga pants with in the library, or really only know because of mutual friends or classes, all shined up in their best attire.  You can tell a lot about a person based on what they wear to a Gala!

Disappointing as it was that my dress didn't come, I made due with my favourite black asymmetric peplum top and a sheer mesh polka-dotted hi-low dress I've been waiting to break out for the right occasion.  This top is going to stay in rotation for many years to come because it is as equally flattering, sexy and classy as it is incredibly versatile.  I've been told for two events now that it blends so well in when paired with a black skirt that it looks like a dress!!

The law school rented out the ballroom at the stunning Copley Plaza for the event and as tricky as the lighting was, the place looked beautiful.  A take my hat off to everyone at our Student Government Association (SGA) for doing such a great job on this event.  The only thing I really have to say as a side-comment is my lack of understanding for the tater tot station hahaha Tala and I were so taken aback, each thinking: welcome back to America!  I guess London did a number on us...

There's been a lot of stress, negativity, nostalgia and really just emotions rolling around at the moment so this night going off as beautifully as it did was just what we all needed.  We danced, we drank, and we laughed all the way until sunrise (whereby Fritz, José, Alvaro and I, after tucking in our "children" on the couches at the afterparty went on a mad hunt for food) all whilst looking pretty effing fabulous in doing so might I just say!!  What more could you ask for?!

Big love to all of you fabulous humans for another amazing event filled to the brim with beautiful memories!



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