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11 April, 2019

A Farewell To Osito

I'm struggling to come to terms with the fact that there's only a month left of what has been one of the biggest learning experiences and wonderful years of my life to date.  I went back-and-forth for a plethora of reasons, all the way up to the days of me stuck in Heathrow attempting to move to Boston, questioning if it was meant to be and that it was all really going to pan out.  Everything the universe was throwing my way seemed to be telling me not to go but something in me just said to keep pushing forward and I couldn't be happier that I did.

Meeting and getting to know the people that I call my colleagues and more proudly so, my friends, is one of the key reasons for this and my sweet, sweet Osito is radiating proof of that.  With the time for final exams and graduation looming ahead, this meant that it was also time for us to "lose" the first of our BU LLM group to the legal world.

Alvaro is one of the most positive, kind-hearted, hilarious, intelligent and driven people I have ever met.  There's something in him though that I've only ever seen in one other human being on my 24 years on this planet; a kind of radiating light I can only liken to sunshine.  Lina is that other person.

He'd been working tirelessly for months in pursuit of employment stateside, desperately trying to avoid going back home to Venezuela at all costs.   He, without a doubt, applied for more jobs and landed more interviews in a month than I have in my lifetime and finally, thankfully, one stuck.  It was no easy feat but when Morgan Stanley wants you, you go wherever they call.  Unfortunately, that meant that our adventures in Boston would be coming to an end with him being relocated to their office in Baltimore.

We are all so inexplicably proud of you bubs, for sticking to your guns, even when the going got tough and achieving your goal of not only landing a job, but getting one at a firm of such high calibre.  You deserve it--plain and simple.

The weekend came for Alvaro's departure and man, was it hard to leave him in the dark.  We'd planned a surprise party with everyone at Jingshuang's and had put together a few gifts for him to remember us by and wish him luck on this new chapter of his East Coast life.

Almost everyone managed to make it and, although not without some (in hindsight) pretty hilarious complications, we pulled it off as he walked into the darkness of Jingshuang and Valerie's living room, lit up only by the fairy lights in the corner and screamed BALTIMOOOORREEEE at the top of lungs.  Shaking, tears in his eyes, we successfully surprised Osito and had a hell of a night to celebrate our friendship, the fantastic memories we've made and I know we will continue to have, and send him off in style with a two framed group pictures with all of our signatures, an Apple watch to kickstart his healthy new lifestyle and, as a belated birthday present and good-luck gift from Lina & I, a pair of black Ralph Lauren loafers for him to wear on his first day on the job.

Osito, I could write for days on end about how truly grateful I feel to have met you, to have had you in my life, and to have a friend in such an incredible human being.  I am so proud of all that you have accomplished and I have no doubt that you will wow them and achieve nothing short of greatness.  That it, for now at least, comes at the price of me not being able to get your famous bear hugs throughout the week, to Uber home with you, explore Boston's food scene, drink copious amounts of Ginger Ale and sing trashy pop songs with you at the top of our lungs until obscene hours in the morning whilst forcing you to Salsa with me is just a fact of life.

The morning of his departure, we met up one last time to present him with his new loafs and get in as many cuddles as we could before the tears inevitably broke loose.  Thay, Jingshuang and myself had a ladies night out that evening that wound up with me meeting the first two Danes since moving to Boston.  Lina and I have been so homesick for Denmark recently that, even with Mama coming out for my grad in May, we are looking to book a trip back post-Bar Exam this summer.  It was so nice to be able to speak Danish again and be around people so similar to me and to share that experience with two of my best girls was weird but wonderful.

Thank you for everything so far Alfredo.  I love you, I miss you already and I can't wait (although I kind of can just because it means it'll all be over) to see you at graduation.



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