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31 March, 2019

Wasted On Each Other

Spontaneity has never been a word I've associated myself with but I'm happy to say that I think someone is rubbing off on me.  What started off feeling like the longest day ever actually wound up turning into one but for all of the right reasons.  After spending a good few hours in the library, having recently succumb to the true American university student way of wearing *gulps* leggings and hoodies in public, I clearly didn't expect to be going anywhere but home.  Thay hadn't had the absolute best day so we agreed to finish up our work over a stiff drink at a bar we'd been recommended in Cambridge.

Little did we know that two drinks, a few pages of graphs and cases in that we'd be on our way to Salsa and Bachata dancing with a new group of friends.  Everyone's a stranger until you meet them...We'd been called out for being the two weirdos sitting with our laptops open at the bar, hammering away at what looked like utter gibberish to anyone not pursuing a legal career and were suddenly introducing ourselves to a group of people insisting on us joining them a night of dancing.

I don't know what possessed us to say yes but say yes we did and it was so much fun!! Of course none of these humans decided to divulge the fact that they all knew each other from dancing so we definitely had to make an effort to keep up but, if I do say so myself, we held our own pretty damn well.  Carina, one of the lovely ladies who'd invited us out, was kind enough to lend me her heels (the same size!), having brought her salsa shoes of course.  For someone who dances on heel to begin with, they were already well-received instead of my tromping around in snow boots or bare feet but c'mon, how lucky can we be to have met such incredibly nice people? Not ready to let the fun end, we had a few of them back over for an after party at wifey's and somehow wound up watching the sunrise.

The week continued to bring forth new things for me to try including seeing an A cappella competition (Tim's first! Winners!!!) Chinese sweeties and my first birthday in Boston...

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