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11 March, 2019

Você é muito fofo

We realised on our way out of Lava that for whatever reason, the ketchup stains had turned white on my coat looking like (fill in the blank) was sprayed all over the coat that I'd be prancing around in for the next few days until we set foot on Bostonian soil again.  Not feeling very content with this prospect, we decided to have a look in a few stores around Time's Square, waiting for darkness to fall so that I could experience it's supposed chaos in all of its glory.

Apparently, get this, NO ONE NEEDS TO BUY A WINTER COAT IN JANUARY (how strange considering winter is basically (hopefully) over) so most places were already in the process of swapping out their A/W collections for their S/S ones.  This part of our mission may have failed but in the process we each picked up some accessories that since being bought, have been layered around my neck without fail so that's something!!

I was warned from every man, woman and child that Time's Square was going to be nothing short of a patience-testing chaos and forget getting the perfect picture, but that it needed to be seen at least once.  I've felt more squished, frustrated and anti-human in my many walks through Oxford Circus and Piccadilly back in London than I did that day hahaha Thay did say that it was a bit less crazy than usual but she still thinks I'm an absolute nutter.  From the moment I stepped foot off of the bus, I felt an odd sense of calm, a feeling of being in the right place...a feeling of being home.  I can completely see why New York isn't for everyone but thankfully, after many years of wondering, it is for me.  I say this even as, much as I fell in love with New York, the feeling didn't always seem mutual hahaha

On that note, as we were attempting to find our Uber with the same beginning and end of the licence plate that we'd had since arriving (anyone know why this is?!) I got a frantic phone call from Lina explaining to me that she'd locked herself out of the flat.  It was a holiday weekend, the Super had gone home, her phone was dying and yes, I was in a different bloody state.

My landlords had already done us such a solid by one, even allowing Lina to move in to assist me with daily life post-surgery, and two, recently having given her an extra set of their keys so I wanted nothing less than to bother them with this situation.  It didn't end up being a possibility not to unfortunately as the keys were apparently not on file, leaving the Super who'd arrived after just having headed home in a bit of a state.  Thankfully, all's well that end's well.  The landlords were in the city and happily drove out to lock in a frazzled Lina who had spent the wait making friends with our sweet neighbours who'd let her in on a girl's night in to charge her phone and chill.


Wifey and I glammed up and headed to Tijuana Kitchen for some dinner and custom-made drinks by a rather good bartender who we ended up doing a couple of rounds of shots with before taking in the sights of the city at a rooftop club called Magic Hour over fried chicken, debates and dancing.  The decorations in this place are just too good!! Obscene? Yes...but so fun.  The people, however were a bit off-putting and sent us in another cab to the other part of town once more for what really just ended being even more of an obscene evening filled with even more interesting people, our previous bartender at Tijuana Kitchen being on of them.  We'll just leave it at it being "just another Saturday night" in New York.



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