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27 March, 2019


Our professors really aren't messing around this semester, piling on layer after layer of work that we're all collectively trying not to get crushed under.  Thankfully in this group, we're damn good at knowing how to unwind and let loose just in time for us to get back to it again.

Tala invited They and myself over for a feast and wow, that girl can cook!! Apparently both wifey and myself had decided that there was that one outfit we didn't feel got used enough in New York but loved and somehow we showed up in them that night.  Too weird...So no, it's not you who thinks the ensemble looks oddly familiar.

We had to leave a bit early though since we had originally said we'd be attending a Medical Malpractice Mixer with the crew and unlike the "Bar Reviews" up until this point, this one was so much fun!

We are all clinging on to the few weekends we have left to hang out together because suddenly midterms, research papers and exam time will be upon us and we'll have little time to do anything else but stress and stress a little less.

The night following it was Thay's turn to host a dinner party and again, man am I blessed to be surrounded with this many great cooks!! From there we headed to the Fairmont Copley Plaza for a quick drink before going our separate ways.  Tim, Lina and Jingshuang were craving some dessert and an early night in so they went to The Cheesecake Factory and Gustavo, Alvaro, wifey & myself went to a club where one of her Brazilian friends was going to be Djing.

Not bad for a weekend back in Boston again ;)



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