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12 March, 2019

Tempting Tuesday: Pt. 80

This week is supposed to be some selected stunners, random in nature but alas, it somehow almost ended up being a wonderful ensemble!! It was not my intent but I clearly had certain colours and a certain aesthetic in my head whilst I was searching.

The dress makes me feel like a fairy princess just looking it at while these Paul Andrew pointed heels are straight up just good enough for a princess.  A leather jacket in any shape, size, or colour is pretty much bound to tug my heart strings but oooh, in a buttery soft hunter green? GIMMIE.  I couldn't help but be drawn to these tiny hexagons of wonder by Mark Davis.  They kind of remind me of the "rainbow spin-y wheel of death" that all Mac Users know & dread but in the chicest of ways.  I imagine them with an all black ensemble, packing a punch as they take the centre stage.  Add a dark, seductive red lipgloss a'La Armani and call it a night!

All for now :) Have a good one!



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