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25 March, 2019

Is That The Post Office?

One of my favourite parts of this trip was honestly just being able to walk around the city.  Of course I wanted to see every last part of New York, including the absolute most touristy bits but I'm sure that I'll get around to doing that one day when I have some more time on my hands.  Hopping around Midtown, China Town, the Lower East Side, Nolita, Little Italy, Tribeca, Chelsea...that was the best sight-seeing I could have asked for.  We still got in some of the "must-see's" in between the endless search for food, partying, soul-baring, socialising, Thay refusing to admit that thoroughly attractive blonde guys are her type, singing along to "7 rings", "thank u, next", break up with ur boyfriend, im bored", "Vivir Mi Vida", "Veneno" and "Without Me", continuously asking Thay if another grandiose building was the famous Post Office (one of her favourite buildings), speculating as to what the magnificent green tops of so many of the buildings was (f*cking copper...which I knew deep down and somehow forgot), and thus, constantly running into more things to Google.

Following our brunch in Nolita and freezing our arses off walking around Little Italy in search of another T7755 blah blah C-plated Uber, we made our way to the jaw-dropping Oculus station to continue to geek out on architecture but this time, on a much higher level.  From there we walked to the World Trade Center memorial to take a moment and shed a few tears before I was distracted enough into entering the subway station to for my one and only time during this trip.  Thay thinks she deserves a prize (and in fairness, she does) but damn those odours...I think I deserve one too.  Not once up until this point did I find New York any more crazy, chaotic, packed, smelly or dirty than any other big city I've been to until I found myself feeling trapped underground with an eye-watering smell of urine and God knows what else penetrating my nose.

We were en route to the Brooklyn Bridge so that I could properly tourist it out and hopefully make our way to Dumbo before dark but after some incorrect info given to us by a kind stranger who clearly misunderstood our intentions, we were off the subway after a single stop (YAY) and instead of witnessing the Brooklyn side of the bridge, we found ourselves still very much in Manhattan.

The suns was setting, our tummies rumbling, and Stephanie was eager to see us before we headed back to Boston in the morning so we decided just to roll with it.  Thereafter we grabbed some tea and coffee and decided to investigate up-close what exactly one particular building that I'd become nothing short of infatuated with since seeing it throughout the day from afar.  I was betting on it being some seriously tricked out flats whilst Thay leaned towards it being a hotel and turns out, it was the Woorlworth building.  It was previously open to the public, a landmark, once having been the tallest building in the world from 1913 to 1930 where it then was home to a massive department store.  Now, it is very much closed off to the public as we quickly realised after having spent all of five seconds through the front entrance, our eyes about to fall out of our heads as we soaked in the museum/palace-like interior, before being hastily shouted out by the reception lady.  It is now apparently houses some of the most luxurious private residences New York has to offer for the VVVVVIP's of the world.  I've decided I want to live there.

Wifey and I spruced ourselves up for our last night out in this magnificent city, grabbed a drink at the hotel bar, and met up with Stephanie at her place for a couple of rounds before settling for Aperol Spritz's, stolen red roses, and a couple of embarssingly wonderful renditions of "Kiss From A Rose" before deciding that we needed the famous Joe's Pizza in our lives.



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