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27 March, 2019

I Don't Wanna Go

It felt like part of my heart was being left behind as Thay dragged my ass onto the bus (oh, oh THE DRAMA) but alas, it was time to head back to Boston after a phenomenal experience in a city I know some day I will also add to the list of beautiful places that I call home.  We arrived back home safely with no delays but in much colder weather with a pretty decent layer of snow for us to attempt to drag our suitcases through.  Waving off Thay as I ran into the arms of a much-missed Lina felt strange after having spent every moment together for the past few days with strangely no desire to kill.  I don't know that I'm going to do without this girl but I'm telling myself that I won't ever have to find out.

Just as I'd headed off to NYC, Lina got the phenomenal news that she managed to secure the internship at the New England Aquarium as a, drum roll, please...Whale Watch Intern!!! I can't believe what a badass my little sister is!! She's going to be going out on the boats to do field research on the many amazing whales we have swimming around here in Boston and I couldn't be prouder.  She had her orientation the same day as Sam's opening night show at Emerson so drinks and nibbles with Thay were fast but necessary in order for us to do our best at understanding the Shakespearean play we'd come to support him in having done the lighting for.  The entire cast & crew did a fantastic job but man, that lighting really was something special!!



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