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05 March, 2019

A New York Virgin

How one person managed to convince me to do so many things that I otherwise never would have (all within a week's time nonetheless), I don't think I'll ever know and I'm not sure that I need to.  A few days before the long weekend, Thay came up with the idea that we should nip off to New York for my first time.

Being the control freak I am, I was resistant, not having enough time to mentally prepare and plan out a trip that I've been dreaming up in my head for years now but Thay managed to convince me that with my up-and-coming surgery falling at the same time as our Spring Break (rendering me unable to travel) and the crazy months ahead of us packed full with Pro Bono, assignments, exams, graduation, studying for the NewYork Bar and eventually taking it, a getaway trip was really more of a now or never type deal.

She'd lived in NY for about 6 months doing a legal internship and thus, still had friends there and loads of connections for us to enjoy and utilise.  Given how last-minute it was, flights were obscene but the bus was more than economically doable and with the mass amounts of homework we had, a few hours there and back that we could set aside just for school work was actually pretty perfect (even with my dislike of public transport). One of her friends said we could stay at his, sorting out our accommodations, her promoter lining up a list of events for us to attend and somehow, all in a matter of hours, I was bouncing up and down in my office chair, squealing with excitement over the fact that we were all booked for a girl's weekend in New York.

We nearly missed the bus the morning of but luck was on our side with the company being delayed.  Over the next six hours (oh...oh traffic...) we worked away at our respective homework assignments, boring the bus to death I'm sure with our legal questions bouncing back and forth across the aisle.  An hour out of Manhattan, a monkey wrench of pretty decent proportions was thrown into our accommodations, leaving us desperately googling hotels.  Given the fact that we were quite literally already in the city and homeless during a holiday weekend, the pricing wasn't as bad as expected and the problem was solved.

As soon as I saw the bridges, it was like my insides lit up as brightly as that world-famous skyline.  Fellow passengers help to point out landmarks, having heard that there was a New York virgin among them and suddenly, we were smack in the middle of Manhattan and en route to The Lexington Hotel to meet Tim who was also in the city for his first time, quickly drop off our bags, doll ourselves up and head out to dinner at a cute little Italian spot with one of Thay's long-time Brazilian friends, Stephanie.  We luckily didn't have to wait all too long for a table and managed to people watch with drinks in hand up at the bar for a bit before settling down for some grub. 

You know that feeling of meeting someone and feeling as though you've known them for your entire life? Enter: Stephanie.  I can absolutely see why Thay has kept her close, she seems like a fantastic creature with a sense of humour and a tornado of a tongue that I can only love and respect.  We were absolutely ravenous so although I, for one, was massively let down by the food, I'd have eaten my own hand at that point and gobbled down my brick-hard ciabatta (which was technically supposed to have been a Panini) and gulped down some much-needed Rosé in good company. Tim and I indulged ourselves in a rich chocolate cake for dessert, making up for my sad main meal and we headed off to Tao for a our first night out.

I can't say that I was a massive fan of the place, bar the beautiful decor but with these guys, how could I do anything but have fun?  Tipsy, sweaty and once again starving, we hopped into a cab in search of food (genuinely the worst excuse for pizza I've ever had the displeasure of attempting to consume in my life) and cuddle up in bed together for a good night's sleep, excited for what was to come.

For so many reasons, I am thankful to have met this beautiful human but her insisting on whisking me away and showing me the city of my dreams, convincing me to let go, take a chance, be spontaneous and roll with the punches, has just added to that already long list.  I am so happy that we did it, even with some unexpected obstacles and really just bazaar events unfolding in the process.  It was unexpected but, looking back, I think that's just one more reason that I'll forever remember this incredible trip and the incredible woman who popped my New York cherry!



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