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05 February, 2019

Make Me

Good afternoon everyone!!

Sitting at my desk now shooting this post off before finishing up some homework whilst Lina lounges on the floor like a sweet little lizard, soaking up this unprecedented amount of radiating sunshine and warmth--it's like we've somehow jumped straight over winter and gone straight into Spring!

Last week was such an absolute blur of sickness, confusion, birthday celebrations & the world's least entertaining Superbowl.  It felt like the week lasted a month and now, suddenly, we are almost done with the first week of February.  Alvaro was celebrated no less than three times hand-in-hand with his new job and although only once, Fernando was celebrated in style come the weekend as well.  I hope you boys enjoyed taking the entire week hostage!! Big love & all the best wishes to you both :*

I hope you're all doing well and that if you're in Boston, out enjoying this gorgeous weather!



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