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04 February, 2019

Done & Dusted

Week two back was insanity as far as readings went but I have confidence that I'll have a good routine setup soon enough.  It was a bit much with all of the homework, other university obligations, and Pro Bono training so mid-week I was already pooped!!

Fernando, Alvaro and I decided to unwind a bit over Champagne and truffles (we are such girls) at our new favourite spot, The Liberty Hotel, ending the night at Bijou and then Fernando's for some post-midnight grub.  Love these guys, you crack me up!!

I did a bit of Pro Bono work with the MIRA Coalition as well, really having enjoyed my experience last semester with Project Citizenship and wanting to continue in that direction of work and in comparison to my first time, I felt like I could have filled out those N-400's with my eyes closed!!
I so wish I took Immigration Law last year but I was convinced I would have it as an option this such luck.

Friday was a very chilled out start to the weekend complete with homework assignment after homework assignment and a bit of ice-cream & chill downtime as well.  Saturday continued at a very work-centred pace but my day instantly perked up as soon as my beautiful black Timberlands finally arrived!!  I invited Kristen,  whom worked with on our Health Law group project back in November and Alvaro out for some drinks just so that we could all put on some grown-up clothes, get out of the house, and socialise like regular humans for a bit.  Osito and I ended the evening over pizza and beer before calling it a night.



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