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21 January, 2019

Post-Christmas Goodies

Being back in Boston meant that some of my Christmas presents from Lina started showing up and man, was it worth the wait!! My favourite so far is definitely the fabulous black glittery Ugg slippers she got me.  I still have my fun black fluffy ball ones I got last year but they're somehow already looking a bit worse for wear.  Honestly, don't be too surprised if you see me out and about in these babies!! I feel like they're too chic just to be paraded around in behind closed doors.

I picked up a few things of my own in the post-Christmas sales including an amazing set of rainbow stemless wine glasses, a sheer black stripped crop blouse and gold candleholder from H&M, a gold floral candleholder from Anthropologie and the outcome of our annual panty parade through Victoria's Secret.

A new year means new go-to jewellery and I picked up some pretty new pieces including a beautiful silver and gold pendant, a set of silver diamond hoop earrings, a black onyx & silver pendant and a replacement of the Pandora bracelet I got, loved and lost ages ago (Timeless Elegance).

What have you all picked up in the sales following the holidays? 



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