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20 January, 2019


Having a flight delayed sucks a lot less when it means you have an extra hour and a half to relax with fam at the Yacht Club, grab a bite to eat and cuddle kittens (and your adorable cousin).  Nonetheless, this meant that our connecting flight in Philly was going to be a tight one if we were going to make it all.  The tears came in full form, blubbering all the way through security before securing two Torguga Rum cakes and plunking down wherever there was a sliver of space in the teeny-tiniest of airports I've ever seen.

We were assured time and time again that even with us having to go through passport control, customs, security, pick up and re-check our suitcase, and find our gate that 50 min. was going to be plenty of time.  Neither of us born runners, we booked it as best we could as soon as we disembarked the plane and even with a full 20 min. being spent simply on waiting for our luggage, we managed to make our flight back to a relatively, surprisingly warm Boston.

Lina was zonked out, snoozing away while I unpacked and began with the real-life practicalities within and hour of us being back home.  Those 10 days flew on by, jam-packed with beautiful scenery and memories of a tropical Christmas holiday.  Thank you for this time Cayman!! I hope to see you again before another 10 years somehow manages to pass in between our meeting.

Coming home to an empty fridge motivated us to wander down to Newbury Street in search of food and perhaps a place to plunk down and hammer out some work.  We chose a place called Cafeteria for brunch that was, unbeknownst to us and for lack of a better word: lit.  Lina wanted to go to their upstairs area and immediately after climbing the stairs we were met with a loud burst of R&B music pouring from the DJ's speakers.  Neither of us really minded the festive vibes as much as we were just taken aback by it hahah The service was great, food delicious and after putting up with a strange amount of electronic music from the DJ's on the island, we seriously welcomed a change of genre, jamming out all throughout brunch.  This, however, meant that this probably wasn't the best spot to get any work done so we opted to get our nails done whilst we were out, postponing real life just a little bit longer.

Big love,


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