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11 January, 2019

Island Time

It would appear as though my being on antibiotics for the majority of this trip has proven to be a blessing in disguise with little Lou under the weather and now Lina with what looks like Strep Throat.  She was struggling a little extra this morning so we thought it best to let her rest up and Helene, Louie and I went to Barker's beach, the last undeveloped beach on the island, for a morning stroll.

I was heartbroken to see how much plastic rubbish had been washed ashore in every size, shape and colour.  Helene said it was the worst that she'd seen it in awhile and although it was picked up every two weeks, it just keeps on coming.  Even with all of the coverage on the issue of plastic, it hits so much harder seeing it in person when you have access to the beach and the beautiful ocean that's just trying to rid itself of all of the horrible things we, as humans, chuck into it.

While Louie went off to burn some of his morning energy, Helene and I watched the kite-surfers assembling their gear on the beach, in awe of those already out on the water on such an incredibly windy day.  She told me that these guys weren't newbies, flying across the sea and being taken a fair few feet up into the air by the strength of the wind.  I knew nothing really of this sport until this day and it was really cool to be able to see it up close.  Jason has taken it up recently and got a few lessons as a prezzie from wifey this Christmas.   Respect to these guys, it looked hella difficult!! I'd love to try it but question whether or not I could manage without breaking my neck :P

On our way back to the car we met a group of horse riders on their way out into the ocean, reminding both Helene and I of our love of horses and ever-present desire to ride again.  If we had a bit more time here and the weather was a little nicer, I'd have loved to go on one of those beach excursions.

Lina and I got in a bit of work time in the afternoon before we nipped up the road for a bit of one-on-one sister time over drinks and dinner.  The sunset was stunning...I don't think you could ever tire of a view like this.  After a couple of mudslides, coconut shrimp and pan-co Grouper we headed home to assume our offered babysitting duties so that Helene and Jason could enjoy a night out together.

Hope you're all enjoying some time off from reality, wherever you are in the world.  I can't believe we've only got two days left here in Paradise before the bitter cold of Boston summons us.  Planning on soaking up every last drop of warmth!!



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