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20 January, 2019

Good Vibes Only: NYE 2019

Lina and I spent the entirety of the last day of 2018 in full-on move-in mode.  While she finished her attempt at assembling what was meant to be a shoe rack/home for my sweet babies I started a deep clean of the flat.  The frustration, confusion and sheer anger that arises whenever I attempt to assemble furniture just isn't worth it in the end but instead of hiring someone/bribing the boys to do it for me again, she insisted.  She successfully managed in the end only for me to realise that the height of the shelves simply wasn't going to work in housing my plethora of high heels.

Upon moving to Boston and selecting this cute, albeit small "studio" flat, I never expected it to be anyone but me living there so with Lina's decision to move to Boston and in with her big sister, things were about to get a little tight and compromise was going to be unavoidable.  It made more sense for her to use the dresser for her things than it did for me to cling to the hope of housing my shoes and began.  We re-feng-shuied the entire place, both of us happy with the finished product after a few hours of give & take and endless loads of laundry.

Lina had zero desire to leave her new home for the evening's festivities, opting instead for a bubble bath, movie and meditation kind of night.  We ordered in some sushi, popped the bubbly and had a lovely New Year's Eve dinner together until I departed for a party in Cambridge to join those in the crew who had also chosen to welcome 2019 in Boston.

I'm getting too old for this sh*t....Even with a 20 min. power nap before heading out the door, ginormous earrings and all, I was so tempted just to stay in but I wasn't prepared to cancel so last minute.  It was thankfully not too packed nor too crazy of a place, filled mainly with Europeans for what was apparently an International party (whatever that means) setup to ring in the New Year.  I met up with Vlad, Fransesco, Dominik and Jing-Shuang and celebrated the final two hours of 2018 over a few glasses of prosecco, Christmas holiday catch-ups and dancing.  Dominik, Jing-Shuang and I booked it an hour after the clock struct twelve, happily headed back to Fenway after the brief but fun New Year's Eve festivities.

Ahhh 2018...If I learnt anything that I know I will carry forward in to 2019 it will be how much can change in a year.  Wishing you all a year filled with good health, happiness, success and love.  Peace out 2018, it was nice to know you!!  I've got a good feeling about this year and am certainly looking forward to what it will bring.



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