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29 January, 2019

Get Used To It

Hello all :)
How are we doing?

Some snaps from the Italian place now firmly solidified as one of our favourite spots in Boston, Ora Trattorizza, (which some of you might recognise from one of my first weeks after moving here) after a phenomenal sister lunch over a bit of vino, incredible food inclusive of a generously sized Bolognese, a shredded beef rib, light creamy coleslaw and truffle honey tomato panini (dear GOD), a delectable Tiramisu and, to finish it off because we were feely very piggy, a homemade creamy Limoncello sauce.  We felt so dirty, but in the best of ways.  Thoroughly recommend!! Each of the two times I've been in here, it's empty and I cannot for the life of me figure out why because it is a great place.  I guess it might have something to do with the fact that both times have been sort of in the back-end of the holiday season be it summer or winter.

From there, we popped into a beautiful nearby church and then I gave Lina a shortened tour of the amazing Boston Library.  Afterwards we thought we'd try our luck thrifting at the local Goodwill but with no luck. We made up for it with a delicious cup of Joe at a super cool coffee spot called Blue State and finished off a fantastic day over drinks and live music at The Bebop.

This dashing duo spent a few hours at Pavement the day following where I tried Lina's magnificent new bagel creation (a sesame seed bagel with chive cream cheese, sprouts and cucumber), succumbing again to the temptation of eating out yet again at Dillon's where Lina scarfed down a fresh fish sandwich and I smashed one of the tallest burgers I've ever seen.  I savoured an incredible bottle of wine over some girl talk with Laura later on in the evening whereas little sister stayed at home, cosied up away from the sudden freezing cold weather.

On the weekend before starting up again at uni, a few people actually having returned to Boston at this point, we assembled ourselves in our chicest, warmest winter gear and headed to a tiny bar in Cambridge for some live music and catch-ups.

I can't complain...I could get used to this.  Alas, all good things must come to an end annnddd as great as it's been having some time to "breathe", I'm so happy to be back at it soon--I've been going stir-crazy not having anything left on my to-do list!


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