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02 January, 2019

Full Moon Party

Spoilt rotten already I dare say!! We started off our second day meeting up with Jason at Luca, a local restaurant in one of the hotels that he was a part of building when they first moved to Cayman and man, did we need to walk off that meal!  It was absolutely delicious but just sooooo heavy.  Everyone started with Calamari and then I tucked into a creamy lobster pasta dish.  Jason was the only one who didn't wind up having a pasta dish of some sort, opting for a bit of steak instead.  Thereafter, he headed back to work and us three ladies with our number one man, Lou Boo, in tow had a lovely walk on the beach and whilst Lina filled his brain with wondrous stories about mermaids I bravely...or possibly stupidly...went for a dip.

The weather here right now is so different than what is usually is (*cough cough* global warming *cough cough*) and if it weren't for the fact that it looks like it's going to normalise during our stay, we'd be quite disappointed.  The wind has been crazy and it's just washing up loads and loads of seaweed on some parts of the beaches and creating some very powerful waves.  Now, Mother Nature is not to be screwed with and when it's you v.s. the sea, the sea will always win so respect is unquestionably key.  I love the sea & have always been such a water baby and therefore, even with an injured shoulder, a strong swimmer but holy )!&R&£%^!FTVGH£!r76oUGB!HJFVGHjaked2y those waves were no joke.  I wasn't even that far out and before I had a chance to dive under them, I just kept getting knocked down.  The main reason I was even bothering as long as I did was purely because, in the few times I gave the seafloor and all of its sandy goodness (ow) a hug my swimsuit was absolutely filled and I just wanted a chance to wash it out again!! Good to know I can survive the least to an extent but uh, not too keen on trying that any time soon. Eager to still have a swim, surprisingly, we headed to our beach which was thankfully a fair bit calmer. 

Later that evening the famous Full Moon Party was on and for once, both Lina and I were legally able to drink and on island simultaneously.  Jason took us out and joined us for a pre-drink at the hotel nearby, leaving Lina and I to our own devices at Calico Jacks.  This place is just so special.  It's got such character, really good vibes and even with it being so close to Christmas and being high season here, wasn't completely overrun with drunken idiots.  We had a really cool night, met a few people, took in the sight of the moon, had a few walks on the beach and soaked up being down by the sea, on the beach, drinks in hand under an endless string of lights and in the company of people from every walk of life.



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