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16 January, 2019

Full Circle

As I'm sure you've noticed by now, PLRG has recently undergone some discreet layout changes that will hopefully provide for a more pleasurable and easy reading experience.  We are still working on the posts looking the way they are meant to with photographs included rather than just endless text.  Thank you for your patience!!

Our last full day was used the the fullest sailing and seeing the beauty of the island over quality family time.  The crew got up early to catch the ferry from Camana Bay en route to Kaibo.  Upon our arrival we made our way down to Starfish Point for Louie to test out his #1 Christmas present: the fishing rod.  He has been on about getting a fishing rod for months and Santa/Father Christmas/The Nisse luckily heard.

Starfish Point is a rather touristy spot with loads of boats coming and going to anchor near the shore for everyone to hop in the water and have a look at the magnificent, colourful Starfish.  Our short time here did indeed involve some Starfish that were thankfully rather easy to locate but with the wind, the water was too muddled for me to feel overly comfortable to go for a swim.  On my two attempts I discovered an odd Jellyfish that blended in far too well with the seaweed and a "baby" lobster that had I not been extremely aware of my surroundings, I damn near stepped on.  Helene hadn't ever seen these jellies but one of the ship Captains informed us that they were Upside Jellyfish and while they weren't dangerous in comparison to many others, they did still sting and should be avoided.

Louie and Jason threw in the towel on fishing, grabbing seaweed and no more...also struggling with the amount of wind, the muddled water and their collective lack of fishing experience.  We packed up, listening to the grumbling of our tummies and sat down at Kaibo beach restaurant for some island grub and cocktails to pass the time before the ferry boat was set to take us back home again.  Lina & Helene engaged in some competitive ping-pong, Louie played with the giant Jenga set available, I attempted a bit of snorkelling and Jason sat, beer in hand, happy as a clam.

Lina and I said goodbye to our beloved Seven Mile Beach, ever-so reluctant to leave.  I don't even know how long I was out swimming for, strangely not exhausted and my shoulder holding up just fine while Lina meditated ashore.  I couldn't keep out of the water, returning time and time again for just "one last dip" as the setting sun reflected glittering orange and yellow beams of light down upon the sea.

Whilst Jason and Helene prepped for our final BBQ dinner, us girlies dolled ourselves up for a bar-hopping excursion Auntie thought would suit or last night well.  We gobbled down steak, burgers, quinoa salad, roasted peppers and Halloumi, serenaded by a mix of Taylor Swift, Leon Bridges and Rizzle Kicks before the three ladies of the house made our way to our first stop of the night: Morgan's.  To say that our aunt frequents this place must be an understatement with the owner's coming out with arms ready for hugs, drinks on them for the evening.  It's such a cute spot with fairy lights hung about, right down to the water, giving off a laid back, cosy, elegant vibe.  From there we went to Royal Palms but, unimpressed with the music, we requested to be dropped off at Camana Bay where Lina and I enjoyed a nightcap at Aqua, heading home just before midnight for one last sleep before relinquishing Louie's bedroom to the little man.



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