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03 January, 2019

Em's Sales Selection: Pt. 20

Good afternoon all!
How's 2019 treating you so far?

As a mini PSA, I've decided it's time to give PLRG a nice, new fresh look.  It'll be sort of similar to the layout currently present but with a nice kick to it.   If things look at a bit funky at times for the next few days it's because soon enough, we'll have a lovely new layout and we're just perfecting it so thank you in advance for your patience!

The new year brings with it sales galore even with the holiday season, in all technicality, being pretty much over and done with.  I, for one, am still receiving Christmas presents so I suppose it's never too late to have a bit of a shop ;) 70 seems to be the magic number when it comes to these sales and really, how much better does it get than having over half off items?! Oh wait...75% off? 80% off? You heard right!! Have a look!

ASOS (Up to 70%) Valid through 16/1.

Topshop (up to 70% off sale styles) End date unknown.

Barneys (75% off designer collections) Valid until 31/1.

TJMaxx (Up to 20% off!)

Anthropologie  (40% sale items in the Winter Tag Sale) Valid for a limited time!

Saks Fifth Avenue (Up to 70% off!!) Valid 'til 12/1.

Ssense (Up to 70% off sale styles ) Valid through 9/1.

Boo Hoo (80% off everything!)

Big love,

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