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27 January, 2019


In the two weeks back in Boston leading up to my second Semester at BU Lina and I spent our time doing a bit of exploring (*cough cough local coffee shops and restaurants*) and cranking out as much prep work as humanly possible before the mother of all semesters was upon us including more classes, my work as a BARBRI rep, fulfilling my Pro Bono pledge and studying for the NY Bar all whilst stuck in an arm sling and on Oxy following my coming shoulder operation.

We made a conscious effort to feast together during dinners a'La Chef Lina over our newly selected TV series, Cuckoo, (which we've both become unattractively addicted to) and enjoy the remainder of our holiday without trying to stress too much about the craziness to come over a bit of shopping, a walk down by the river and a few sister brunches. 

Hope your January is off to a great start!

Big love,


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