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09 January, 2019

Christmas In The Caymans: 2018

The big day arrived and the house was alive with the hustle and bustle of prep work and Skype calls to family around the world.  Louie got to open some presents from our Mama over a Skype call with her before she headed in to Svendborg for the evening's festivities and the honour of making our Risalamande was then bestowed upon me.  I was honestly so stressed out about making sure that I didn't screw it up with the minimal special rice that we had that I barely got to speak to the family apart from a quick "Merry Christmas" over the phone when we run up Svendborg later but it sounds like they had a lovely evening.

To get ahead of the influx of calories sure to follow, I had a few refreshing and calming laps in the pool, drying off just in time to check to see if the Nisse had eaten the porridge left for him in the Attic by Louie and the bowl was all-but licked clean!! I so wish I could share pictures because man, that reaction was just priceless and he's growing into such a handsome boy but I will continue to respect H&J's wishes of not having any photos of him, nor them, out in the Blogiverse.

The crew headed down to the beach for some more fun in the sun prior to the continued cooking chaos began again.  The Mince Pie and milk was dutifully left out for Santa and his reindeer, Louie heading off for the final sleep before English Christmas as we dolled ourselves up in our best tropical-inspired attire.

The bubbly was popped, the Snaps fetched, and the good times rolled on out!  Helene did an incredible job cooking up our traditional Danish dinner, even with the difficulties in locating and/or substituting ingredients that are just impossible to get outside of our sweet Scandinavian fairytale country.  We feasted like Kings and had a look-see as to what lay under the tree, leaving some for the day following, celebrating this year in both the Danish and English way.

Although it wasn't a Christmas present but rather my belated graduation present, I squealed like a piggy, tearing up as soon as I torn away the wrapping paper that revealed that distinct blue-coloured box that held a gorgeous pair of silver Tiffany's earrings in it.

Lina and I rounded off the evening with a midnight swim, heading off to bed full-well knowing we were going to be awoke but a few hours later by an extremely excited little boy!!  Surely enough, bright and early at 6 A.M., the day began.  Helene and Jason immediately started prep work for our English Christmas lunch but it wasn't long before the main event started: present opening time!!

Everyone seemed very happy with their thoughtful, sweet, en pointe and fun presents.  Louie, unsurprisingly in particular was about to keel over when he realised that Santa had brought him way more than just the fishing rod and walkie talkies he'd asked for! He has been/is such a good boy so that simply must explain it!! Cuddles, Christmas series and sharing our new toys with the neighbor's kids passed the time until our second feast was ready.  For someone who'd only just done the turkey for the first time in her life that day, daaamnnnnnn it was good!! I don't even know (nor want to) how many helpings I had but man, was it worth it!!  We rolled our way to the beach, hoping that some playtime and swimming might make us feel slightly more human again.  Poor Lina seems like she's got Strep throat somehow so she opted for a nap at the house before joining us a bit later.

I'm so happy that everything went so well with the food, with two of the kiddos being ill and well, just with it being Christmas.  I don't think it'll ever be an easy time of year when you've lost a loved one but being around family, especially some that we so adore but rarely have gotten to see, helps and means the absolute world.

Merry/Happy Christmas to all celebrating!! I hope you all had a magical night & that every last one of you lovely humans has a fantastic holiday season.

Big love,


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