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09 January, 2019

Beach Hoppin'

Beach hopping across the island? Why not!  Helene woke us up on the 26th. with the idea for us all to pack up the car with some snacks, swimmers and towels and head on a beach hopping excursion across the island.  We headed to Spotts Beach first where, had we actually remembered our scuba gear/successfully distracted Louie long enough to use his goggles, we might have given the turtle chasing a go but instead, we had a little wander and Lou got to try his brand new Macaw kite he got for Christmas. 

From there we got a private tour by Jaz of his current building site out in Rum Point.  It's mind-blowing to see a building right in the start, especially when you know what it's meant to look like in the end.  The view, especially from the top bit, is inescapable and breathtaking!! Lina and I were absolutely starving so we had a bite at Rum Point as well as the traditional Cayman Mudslide cocktail and a Strawberry Daiquiri--never mind that it was technically still morning--and tested out Louie's walkie-talkies before pilling into the car once more to experience a bit of Australian-Caribbean food at Tukka in the East End.  Lina and I absolutely loved Rum Point and it's colourful space and good vibes but Tukka really has something special about it as well.  Would absolutely recommend both of these spots for anyone who winds up on island but be wary with the first as it can get absolutely packed!  We came on a good day where there was a good stream of people but nothing overwhelming.

Have a good one!


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