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05 December, 2018

Week One v.s. Weak Ones

We kicked off the following day with a trip to the famous Bloom for brunch in the sun (while it lasted), to sustain us through the Bat Out Of Hell production next up on our London agenda.  Mama and I are die-hard Meatloaf fans so to pass up a trip to the West End whilst she was in town to see this show would have been the missed opportunity of all missed opportunities.  Lina's not quite the rock n' roll baby either of us are but she's a theatre lover and who says no to a show anyways?!  It was so surreal, as the entire trip was, to have them both at a place that was such a big part of my time in London by way of being my first proper job, the crazy work experience and conversations had there, the people I met--through the ups and the downs of everything that happened to me in those near-five years in London, Bloom was there.

Every last inch of it was photographed by Mama and the ladies got to meet both Selma and Sara before we tucked into our respective burgers, eggs Benedict and omelettes before piling into a cab and booking it to central for the matinee. With all of the construction happening quite literally everywhere, traffic was, once again, ghastly.  Overtired and just wired about being in the city, we were unquestionable a thoroughly entertaining trio for our amazing driver.  I felt bad when we got out before making it to the theatre but we were already running late.  We rushed into the Dominion, the show having started mere minutes before.  We waited in the back until the first number finished, ignoring our bursting bladders, and were led to our seats to soak in the rest of the show.

I can't say that I understand or quite enjoyed the storyline or plot and wasn't the biggest fan of the girl cast for the lead role but in the overall, they were impeccably talented.  Danielle Steers was one who really stood out to us.  She is my new theatre fav!! Mind-blowing and unique vocals, strong stage presence, a great dancer and actress alike with an unreal body--what's not to be in awe of?!

Mama was on another level of hype throughout the entirety of the performance, clapping, stomping and singing along to evertyhing.  I'm so glad she enjoyed it as much as she did!! She was on a high until we were about halfway back to Fulham!! Lina and I reached a consensus that my graduation day and today collectively were the happiest we'd seen our Mama probably ever.  What an incredible thing.

Once we reached good 'ol Southwest London, we changed into our evening ensembles for a trip to The King's Head for Wednesdays with the crew. Lina unfortunately wasn't feeling well so after being given a tour and saying hello to everyone she headed back to the flat.  Mama and I had a caesar salad and an oven-baked camembert with sun-dried tomatoes and ciabatta for din din and I got two lovely cards from the girls in addition to a special pen, "For all the important papers you're going to sign as an attorney" from Sofia.  MY HEART.

Similarly to Bloom, albeit for a much shorter time, TKH played such an incremental role in my London life and having them finally be able to experience it and the people that come along with my home away from home, on a Wednesday nonetheless, was so, so cool!!



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