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19 December, 2018

Tings & Tangs

To start off the ultimate Sunday, Lina took me to the zoo to show me the famous Pandas and, of course, her beloved Orangutans.  After a few hours gawking at an array of beautiful creatures, we popped in to another one of her favourite spots in Adams Morgan for some brunch in the sun, reading, and Black Friday shopping.  We went to a Mexican and Salvadorian restaurant for dinner, exhausted from having done essentially nothing in comparison to the days prior.  The food was great but we could not get through more than half of each of our respective dishes, opting to bring them home instead.

The rest of the night didn't exactly go as expected with me having left my phone in the backseat of our cab on the way home.  Of course this would happen the night before my flight!! It wasn't as easy as it should have been but thankfully, in the end, I got it back just in time for us to get a few solid hours of shut-eye before I headed back to Boston in the morning.

Thank you for such an amazing trip babygirl <3

Big love,


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