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14 December, 2018

Time Is A Funny Thing

The day after Thanksgiving meant a nice wander through the city was in order.  It was freakishly quiet the day of so to get out and see and hear proof of humans felt good.  We made our way to Emissary, a definite favourite of mine as well now, for breakfast and another long day of work.  It's no fun that we're so slammed with university work but at least we can trek through it all in each other's company!! It's beyond crazy to think that at this time last year I had just submitted my applications for an LLM on the East Coast, gearing up to Christmas in D.C. with Lina where I'd fall in love with the city--Georgetown in particular--vowing a return.  Here we are!!

Following a trying but overall well done many hours hunched over our computers we decided a treat or two as in order and excitedly headed to Farmers, Fishers, Bakers in my beloved gorgeous Georgetown.  The crazy Danes sat outside just as we had the year prior and chatted about everything and nothing at all with a legal beer in Lina's hand a glass of champagne in mine.  The famous crab dip seemed to have been changed, disappointingly so but the obscenely sized banana split and the constant flow of bubbles cushioned the blow.

I can't believe an entire year has already passed since I was last here but it's such a cool feeling and I'm so incredibly proud of Lina and myself for everything we've done to lead us to where we are now.



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