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10 December, 2018

thank u, next

The time came for the grand finale--my graduation party.  Given how emotional and tiring the day of was, in addition to the fact that it was a Tuesday, I'd made the decision to delay celebrations with friends until the weekend hit.  Now, unfortunately this meant that Mama wasn't going to be able to partake but she was okay with it.  Nearest and dearest came from all over to wish me well and congratulate me over catchups, cuddles and bubbles.

I'm so happy I got to see Anthony and Nat, specifically given the amount of travel Tony does and Nat not being based in London.  Henry managed to swing by as well even mid-grant request for a huge up-and-coming experiment.  The place was absolutely jam-packed and with a migraine I just couldn't shake, I called it very early. This meant that I wasn't going to be able to hang out with many who were going to be coming later on the evening but in the end, listening to my gut was the right choice.

Lina and I had brekkie at worked at Bloom the morning following, watched a good bit of the Rugby and wound up head down to TKH one last time for what turned out to be an absolutely amazing night--strange as bits of it were.  I got to see some of the people who I didn't they day before and was feeling much better in comparison to the night of my grad party as well.  Lina made her way back to DC the next morning, leaving me to the cleaning, packing and travel prep for myself to sort before a much-needed final catchup movie night in with the Nenad, Jess, Tenay, Steve and Nat.

Once the basic bits of the to-do list were out of the way, only the big guys were left.  I was absolutely slammed with uni work throughout the trip and this day, my final full day to work not on an airplane, was kicked into high-gear with conference calls, essays and heavily-weighted (grade wise) group project work consumed my day with the exception of drinks with Mads later that night, as well as farewell drinks with the girls.

The only bit of this trip that went well and as expected, pieces of better than what I could have hope for, was my graduation day and the time I got to spend with Mama & Lina.  Since my arrival, with a few much-needed and well received exceptions thankfully, there were issues I could have never expected, foreseen, or honestly deserved to have had to deal with and I'm upset that they clouded over what was supposed to be a phenomenal trip.

In the end of it all, a lot has become very clear and I walk away knowing myself and others much better, feeling stronger with the knowledge that I successfully endured one heck of a learning experience.  It's always hard to leave and sometimes, it's just as much so to come back.  Thank you London for letting me love you and for feeling like home even without being so anymore. You will always have such a special place in my heart and I thank you for everything you've always given me.  Just knowing that I was going back to Boston gave me a feeling of security, lightness and love that after this trip, was a breath of fresh air and more than I could have hoped for from a place that's only been my new home for three months time.  Here's to looking forward.



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