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13 December, 2018


Talk about good timing!! I landed in Boston with a day between my massive Health Law group presentation as well as the first snow of the season!! I feel like the presentation went pretty well and given how stressed I'd been about it for weeks on end, it felt good to finally have it done.  The Latin Crew headed out, ready to brave the weather play in the snow in between Margaritas and Tex Mex.  It was so nice to see every body again and oh my see someone experience snow for the first time has to be, hands down, one of the purest things I've ever seen.  Thay was essentially the equivalent of a Golden Retriever puppy let out to investigate and enjoy this strange, beautiful cold white powder.

It's good to be home.

I'm going to go off on a bit of an unpaid tangent here to talk about the heeled Boo Hoo boots I was in for FIFTEEN HOURS that day (I had my presentation, classes, and headed out with the crew thereafter).  You read that right.  It was my first time wearing them for starters and given this alone, I should have felt some discomfort just in having to break them in but no, no!! Not only is this surprising based on the fact that they are new but just as much because they are pointed toe stiletto boots.  Now, are they a real pain in the arse to get into?  Yes.  That being said, once you're in, you're in!! I was walking on air all day and even in the snow, I was warm.  Don't ask me how because they are faux suede.  When I went outside, I full-well expected that my feet were going to be blocks of ice, the snow seeping through the material and targeting my feetsies but no.  I say all of this genuinely astounded because new, unbroken-in, pointed, faux suede stiletto boots for $28 usually do not live up to even one of these points, never-mind all!! I wish they were available in more colours because I would snap up every last one of them.  If you're intrigued, which you damn well should be, the wonder boots are available here.



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