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30 December, 2018

Paradise Bound

Albeit with very little sleep, we were off for the holidays at last!! It was rather fun attempting to dress so that we wouldn't become hyperthermic in Boston and also not suffer from heatstroke upon landing in the Cayman Islands.  I can't say I enjoyed the "service" from American Airlines (my first time flying with them) however.  They were so blatantly rude and unhelpful, I felt personally attacked.  I'm not going on about some overworked holiday stress either but I hope I can find a way to avoid using them for domestic flights in the future and if not, have better experiences for sure!!

In a few hours we were met by a gorgeous heat, our beautiful towering auntie and a very excited Louie running so fast he passed us both at the arrivals bit of the airport!! Once we unpacked, us three girls were off to Camana Bay to take in the pretty holiday lights, the handcrafted goodies at the market and indulge in some yummy Italian food and drink.  What a great way to start off the holiday!  Knackered, we all turned in early and in the end, Lina awoke after a fifteen hour snooze!! Poor and patient Louie had been awake for an entire five hours by the time we managed to get out of bed!!  I haven't been here in a good ten years, this being my second time versus Lina's fourth and I'm so looking forward to it.

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