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25 December, 2018

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Hello all and for those celebrating, a very Merry Christmas!!

Surprisingly, today of all days whilst Helene and Jason have been slaving away in the kitchen for our English Christmas lunch I found a bit of time to shoot this guy off!  I make no promises as to the when the nexts posts will roll out but for now, we've got at least one.

A well deserved break from exams came in the form of a sort of sending off party for all of the  amazing humans we've come to know during their time with us in Boston as exchange students.  The night was filled with laughter, singing, dancing and certainly no shortage of drinks or entertainment.  The festivities ended around 7 A.M. the next day leaving just enough time for a bit of a clean, studying, and  a short kip to prepare for Lina's big move to Boston!!

The plan upon my return to The States was indeed for us to live together but for a plethora of reasons it didn't end up as such...until now that is!!  After getting a bit more situated and more prepared for my final exam we met up with the crew one last time for a farewell dinner and drinks downtown where the waterworks began.  It's always a shame when you meet cool people you really vibe with under the constraints of time but it's a remarkable and beautiful thing to know that should they or I ever end up on the other side of the world that they call home, we'll be met with open arms.

Whilst I finished up on studying for my Health Law exam come Tuesday, Lina got busy with making the place into her new home.  First up was the princess bed that finally finally got it's pretty white lace curtains and fairy lights that I've been patiently waiting for Lina to bring from D.C. since the boys made it! We got a nice dose of Boston winter with a bit of snowfall, adding to the levels of hygge leading up to our journey to Cayman.

The exam left me in a daze, easily one of the hardest I've encountered thus far and of course, your worst enemy will always be yourself but I am still quite worried.  I know it only makes sense that I'm extra concerned given the fact that this is the area I want to specialise in and even with having studied the topics I struggled with and it being open book, that exam really knocked me on my arse.   I got to vent a bit as sweet Osito came down to meet Lina and I in the lobby after, reassuring me...It's out of my hands now and I did the best I could with what I had so from here on out, it's just a matter of keeping those fingers crossed and trying to enjoy what I'm sure will be a lovely holiday season with the family.

Lina was such a superstar in my freaked-out exam-imposed state and cuddles from Thay always help so with that, I finally turned a little less green and we headed back home to Skype Mama and open up our respective Christmas prezzies, pack and cheers to the end of my first semester exams over Lina's first (& last) go at Bourbon.



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