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21 December, 2018

Lawrence v Texas & Two Litres Of Whisky

Before giving up our freedom and succumbing to the endless hours of hardcore studying for exams that awaited us, we had a get a few parties out of our system!!  In between, in order to cope/get in the holiday mood, of course we've somehow found time to socialise over drinks, utilising the little time we have left with our beloved exchange students who will all soon be headed off to their home countries after one semester with us here at BU Law.  The end of classes and of our first exam obviously required celebration as well which wound up with me making an boat-load of pasta and having no less than three lovely ladies as cuddle buddies for the night!

Time's going by so quickly!! Every time I get my head out of a textbook another week of December has gone by and sadly enough, I feel as though I'm not able to truly appreciate this wonderful time of year and get in a festive mood.  Mama's been the number one helper in that sending advent calendars for the lotto, candles, and chocolate in between streams of parcels taking up the entirety of my building's foyer.  Do note her incredibly funny reaction to my Nisse Advent candle showing up on the other side of the Atlantic in one piece below! Unsurprisingly with my luck, I've been unwell for the last week of November and the entirety of December (hence the amount of whisky consumed ;)) but thankfully, even with us essentially living at the Law library (there should be more than eight hours in between leaving your university campus and returning again...) I've not gotten anyone else sick!

I wish I could say something more of interest but I'm a highly dysfunctional human (in good company at least), operating at a relatively successful level only once in an exam room these days.  Will be off to the Caymans soon with Lina (who's arriving here in Boston on the 15th.) to celebrate Christmas alongside Helene, Jason & little Louie in the warm exotic embrace that is the Caribbean.

P.S. This post is coming to you, unsurprisingly, from the Cayman's (soz) and given how little time we've got here, this will likely be the last post sent out until we're back in Boston.  Have a wonderful holiday season all and thank you for your support this past year you lovely, lovely humans.  Stay tuned for some beautiful shots of the Caymans & our Christmas with the fam bam out here on the island.

Big love & take care!


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