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14 December, 2018

I Promised I'd Be Back

The quickest flight of my life (thankfully) left me dazed and delirious but in safe in D.C. and ready to begin the Thanksgiving holiday with my number one nugget.  We haven't spent a Thanksgiving together in eight years so being able to do so again, even with all that's changed, was really something special.  I needed a nap desperately after making it to Lina's and thankfully, if there's one thing I know I can always count on her for it's her willingness to participate in nap time--regardless of the hour.  We headed towards Dupont Circle slightly less delirious after a couple of hours of sleep in search of a lunch spot and a nail salon.  A chicken sandwich and crab cake burger and two mani/pedis later, we took to a new favourite coffee spot of Lina's to hammer out some work.

Our Thanksgiving started with croissants, cheese coffee and watercolour painting and led into us, wrapped up in our duvets, ready to inhale a disgusting amount of goodies over some movies.  Lina was in charge of dinner and even without having an oven, she pulled it off brilliantly!! We ate far too much far too fast so I'm going to go ahead and say that we smashed the whole Thanksgiving thing even after so long.  There were tears and cuddles and technically we didn't actually make it around to dessert but we also technically already ate our daily intake of calories just in our movie snacks so I feel like we get a pass.

Thankful just doesn't seem to cover what I feel in having my sister, Mama, family and friends in my life.  Things are rarely easy but together we've risen above so much and come out on the other side with fresh perspectives, strength, love, gratitude and a sincere appreciation for each other and life.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! May your lives be filled with good health, love, laughter & great experiences.

Big love from my family to yours,


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