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03 December, 2018


Post-grad ceremony we made our way to a restaurant that I really wanted to go to when living in London but didn't manage to make it.  I'd heard nothing but rave reviews about it and thought their concept of bringing nature back indoors and its unique multi-level structure and decor was very intriguing.  Their expansive and detail-orientated food and wine menus offer something for every time of day and for the taste palette of any customer.  I had a strong feeling that Lina and specifically Mama in being the decor nerd that she is, would really enjoy HIDE and so, off we went.

We were seated on the top floor with a gorgeous view over Green Park (HIDE Above) and already within minutes of being there, we were blown away.  Every last detail has been thought through and contributes powerfully to what is nothing short of a fine dining experience.  We settled on doing their set lunch menu comprised of warm hay custard, Jerusalem artichoke and sage butter to start, barbecued Ibaiama pork belly with marigold paste and green peppercorns for Mama and myself and the Chilean seabass with mussels, spiny artichoke and basil for Lina as our mains and a cheese selection and handmade pear chutney from the trolley to top us off for dessert.

Drinks in our hands, a toast carried out before diving into what was about to be the most insane amount of food, Mama took out her graduation present for me. Upon opening the box, within seconds of me even appearing to start crying, there was a server by my side offering me tissues out of a silver box.  Blown. Away.  If that's not service, I don't know what is!! Every staff member was in the overall so in-tune to each customers need without appearing to be so to the extent that you felt watched.  Watching them go about their tasks was like watching a ballet.  Everyone in their positions, gracefully moving about individually and in pairs, carrying out their duties.  Considering the level of dining HIDE is at I find the prices to be really rather reasonable as well.

Mama gave me the silver bracelet her Father had given her upon her graduation but with a new engraved bit personalised to me.  It's been a long-standing quasi-joke that I'm the best at everything and in her sweet little Danish Mama way, she wrote that out on the silver coin attached to the beautiful chain-link bracelet that, as I write this, I've not taken off since London.  I couldn't love it more!!

Outside of the set three-course meal we'd ordered, the restaurant provides you with a pre-starter made up of a mushroom broth (phenomenal!) a selection of fruits and vegetables, meat, some of the best damn bread I've ever had alongside salted butter and an odd but delicious sauce that for the life of me I cannot remember what was but it was, for me, what took this meal to the next level!!

Everything is so beautifully presented and what we all took way from our experience was how generous but doable their portion sizes were.  Even in saying that, none of us could recall the last time we were that happily stuffed to the brim!! As mind-blowing as the courses were, my favourite had to have been the cheeses and chutney we had for, what we thought was our dessert.  They sweetly brought out some hand-painted macaroons and cookies for us as a congratulations on my graduation which we did our best to polish off, with no room left in our bellies.

I could not recommend this establishment any higher.   It is beautiful in every aspect and even given it's level of dining, does not give off any pretentious vibes.  At the time we went, they'd yet to have been awarded it but upon returning to Boston, I learnt that they earned their first Michelin star.  I can't say I am even remotely surprised and so applaud them for it as it is incredibly well earned.

We rolled on home, picked up some basics at the grocery store including a pretty red Fall bouquet from Mama and whilst Lina took a little nap, I opened up my graduation present from my grandparents.  They gave me a beautiful silver candle holder set from Georg Jensen that I could take home with ease and add to my new home.  So cute and I love their strange form--it reminds me of waves and in that, Svendborg.  Soon thereafter, we called it a night after a long, wonderful but emotionally and physically exhausting day.

I cannot express any more gratitude and awe in that I got to have Mama and Lina in London with me to experience and celebrate such a momentous occasion.  I couldn't ask for more than what I was given on that day, bar, of course, having had Daddy there as well.



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