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31 December, 2018

Do Not Disturb

Our first proper day on island was spent the place it should be: at the beach.  Louie showed us the swing Jason made him and we all had a go at climbing up one of his favourite trees and for a dip in the sea. Lina and I just couldn't get enough, returning later on to watch the sunset.  Lina wanted to get in a bit of yoga as well and although I hadn't planned on it, fully dressed, I wound up saying f*ck it and went in the sea for a night swim anyways.

I couldn't understand why Lina was sort of struggling a bit with some of her poses and gave it a go myself but the heavy, wet sand mixed with some rather strong waves made it a lot harder than usual.  Thankfully by the time a big wave came along, I was already soaked and kind of just loving life.  We managed to get two ornaments we brought along with us on the tree as well, not having had the chance to decorate or even get one in DC or Boston.  What an amazingly beautiful beach they've got within just a 2 min. walk.  If I lived here, I don't think I could not* go down every single day.  The colours--the sand, the trees, the sky and water--are all just so surreal.  Loving my slice of Paradise so far!



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