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20 December, 2018

Black Friday 2018 Buys: Pt. 2

All the goodies from Aldo, Boo Hoo, Macy's, & Pottery Barn rocked up and it felt like Christmas came early!! Hell, after this amount of successful shopping, I don't need anything for Christmas!! I got three stunning pairs of black leather ankle boots as well as a pair of pointed black leather slingback heels from my new go-to/favourite, Aldo and I'm in love!! The combat-esc. boots give great height, the sleek shape of the pointed toe booties is exactly what I've been after, the rock n' roll vibes of the elongated pointed toe side-zip boots has already made them a daily option and the slingbacks couldn't be any more classic and elegant if they tired!! I'd say I'm pretty much sorted on shoes.

I picked up some pretty dresses from Boo Hoo for both daily as well as more festive uses as well as a sexy platform pair of pumps and some basics as well.

I'd lost my ear muffs in a cab in DC and whilst waiting for a replacement I came across this fun bordeaux fur headband which, pretty as it is, came way later than expected!

To round off this year's Black Friday shopping spree I headed to Pottery Barn for two equally funky wine stoppers.  One of them is so shiny and glittery that I struggled getting a picture that showed it in its full and fabulous form and as soon as I laid eyes on the clear skull one, that was the end of it.  I got the softest black fur blanket as well to prep for the long, cold winter months ahead.

I AM STILL ON A HIGH AFTER ALL OF THESE GOODIES' ARRIVALS ARRHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have a favourite?  What's the best thing you got this year on sale?

Have a good one :*



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