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19 December, 2018

Black Friday 2018 Buys: Pt. 1

May I present to you the irresistible pieces that came as a result of this year's Black Friday shopping extravaganza (delayed as all hell but better late than never, right?!)!

I picked up five new dresses, perfect for the array of holiday parties just around the corner, and two pairs of gorgeous new heels from ASOS.  I've come to realise that I have a penchant for peep-toe lace-up booties!

Tala showed up to our Legal Research & Writing class in a fabulous pair of leather leggings a few weeks back and she said that they were from Calzedonia, on sale and...wait for it...thermal!  Who says you have to sacrifice style for warmth?!  I got a black pair, a dark red pair and a black pair of jeggings as well.

Given that I've signed the Pro Bono pledge, networking events and the job fair in New York come January approaching, I felt I was lacking one crucial bit in my professional wardrobe: blouses!  Enter: She In and their massive Black Friday sale.  I think I am more than set for all of the above now with no less than 10 new blouses at my disposal.  In addition to these I grabbed a vintage-looking navy blue dress, some PJ tank tops, long-sleeved layering tops and a brown faux suede skirt.

The last bit of haul number one is this simple silver lightning bolt necklace I found off Amazon.  I'd planned on grabbing one I'd found from an English store before moving and totally spaced out on doing so but there's almost no difference between the two.  It's already on it's way to taking it's place among the few daily silver necklaces I have that once on, rarely come off again if only but to be swapped out by one of the other highly-selective options.

Some of these items aren't available any long but I've done my best to add in substitutes as well as the originals in the widget below.

How did you all do this past Black Friday?  Christmas ready or have you just wound up self-indulging? ;)



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