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26 November, 2018

Survivors Of The Apocalypse/The Busy Bee & The Snoozing Slug

We made a collective decision the day following to not go to Salem as planned (both of us have already been) because, as cool as it would have been, we felt like we'd barely had any chill time at home just to catch up and hygge over Halloween movies and some traditional White Bean Chili.  

Lina whipped up a delicious brunch complete with a Frittata, avocado toast, fresh fruit and Mimosas while I got a bit of work done.  We started Halloween Town I, starting up again later whilst  carving out our cute mini Jack-o'-lanterns over chili.  I really wanted to carve out the Scales of Justice (pshh, nerd) but the one part of the pumpkin that needed to stay, rather than being removed along with the other bits of course, found it's way to the floor.  I opted for the classic Jack-o'-Lantern carving while Lina flawlessly carved out the Scorpio symbol.  Content with the outcome of our Halloween-y projects and the amount of hygge done, we decided to meet up with the Latin Crew for a drink at a local pub.  I knew there was a baseball game on so I urged Lina to reconsider wearing the blue jumper she'd picked out, wearing something red instead just to be safe...crazy Sox fans an all.  Even though I thought I knew where they were, given that it was a game night and how hyped people can get, I thought it safer for us to Uber there.  BAD CHOICE.  

EVERY BLOODY STREET IN FENWAY was blocked off by police because it wasn't just "a game", tonight every bar in town was showing was the World Series finale game.  Cars couldn't get anywhere, hell, pedestrians, couldn't get anywhere--even those of us not there to partake it what was apparently about to be absolute madness but rather just trying to get home.  I've never in my life seen a police presence of this size.  It got to the point where I was beginning to worry that there was something non-baseball related going on that required the city to basically be on lockdown.  

When the news got out that the Boston Red Soz had won the World Series for the first time since 1974, Boston erupted into screams, cheering and chants everywhere you turned.  We really wanted to avoid the thousands of drunk sports fans because, as could be seen by the insane police presence, they're known for causing trouble regardless of a win or a loss being the turn-out. 

Respect and all but I'm sorry, the police were utterly useless.  Lina wasn't diggin' the situation at all so the mission now was just to get home.  Every street I recognised or thought could be able to take us home with ease was blocked off.  We approached policeman after policemen, explaining that we lived literally 5 min. away from Fenway Park and were just trying to get home and yet, were denied entrance.  I can't say that I really understood how barricading thousands of (mostly) thoroughly intoxicated people into one street was either logical or safe.  

Consistency is key y'all.  We somehow got one sweet woman, working as security for the movie theatre currently under construction, to personally escort us the entire way home.  Now, again, had these streets not been blocked off, we could have been at my front door in under 10 minutes time but no no.  I think it took us roughly 40 minutes to walk all the way around and come into Fenway from the backside but man, were we thankful.  After a few big 'ol hugs and many a thanks to this absolute Angel human, we tucked in for the night after some bubbles, pasta and Youtube binge-watching.

The day following started off extremely early and with a bang for me.  I had an appointment for a physical at the doctors which meant that I spent a good 1.5 at BU Student Health Services.  From there, I picked up my prescriptions, mailed off a hospital bill, and voted for the first time physically in the US of A at City Hall.  I was exhausted already by 11 A.M. but thankfully also much more prepared for my trip to London the day following.  Can you guess where I found Lina once I made it home? Yup, still snoozing away.  We are such opposites man...a busy bee and a snoozing slug (Lina calls herself, specifically, a Banana Slug).  Given that I was set to fly out earlier than expected I suddenly had crazy amounts of uni work to tend to on top of last-minute cleaning, laundry and packing to sort out.  Lina awoke and got ready for a coffee date with a Boston-based amigo of hers, heading to the airport thereafter.  

It was so great being able to celebrate you, Nug, and just to have you here with me in my new home is the coolest thing ever.  'Til next time babygirl!! 



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