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15 November, 2018

Sunshine's Day: Lina's 21st. Birthday

I woke up on the 21st. of October to a lovely care package from Mama filled with face mask, reminders of Denmark, Halloween earrings and candy.  It was so nice to receive as my day started off pretty bloody rough to say the least.  I'd called British Airways with the intent of upgrading my up-and-coming flight back to London for my LLB graduation, for whatever reason unable to do so online.  After 45 min. and being transferred to representative after representative they discovered that the reason I didn't have access to my flight details and was unable to amend them is because the flight had been cancelled.  I don't recall the last time I've been in such an state of sheer and absolute confusion and shock.  Apparently the flight had been cancelled from my account the same day of purchase--BACK IN JUNE.  Had I not called I would have rocked up at the airport on the 2nd. of November obviously expected to be London bound...Trying to sort out how I could have possibly missed the refund supposedly issue for a sum of that size and re-locating new flights this last minute was absolute hell.  I called Mama in tears who chilled in the background with me as I scanned the internet for flights that weren't going to completely bankrupt us this close to the big day.  I honestly don't remember what else it was that happened this day that put me in a state of such despair but by the time Lina got ahold of me later, I was pretty emotionally maxed out for the day.

My sister is one of the purest-hearted creatures to ever to grace the face of the planet. Not that anyone who’s ever come across this beam of complex sunshine would need proof, but given how recent it is, I will provide evidence to this fact nonetheless. After a real doozy of a day where after pushing through as best as I could, I found myself completely drained. This golden nugget, whilst cheering me on and cheering me up over Skype secretly orders me a cheeky dinner and dessert a’la Domino’s because she didn’t know how else to help.

This fairy-child constantly thrives to better herself—regardless of how painful, difficult, time consuming or completely life-altering it may be. She is tenacious, insightful, passionate, endlessly curious, thoughtful, creative, selfless, intelligent and truly beautiful inside and out with a strength unlike any other…oh, and as of October 24th., 2018 she’s 21. 

I went out the day prior to her arrival to pick up a strawberry shortcake, a bottle of Champagne and made a cute little Autumn bouquet for her.  The eve of her arrival, I'd prepared my three cheese shrimp scampi Fettuccine Alfredo for a late-night dinner followed up with a surprise birthday cake and presents to kick off the birthday/Halloweekend ahead.  

Happy doesn't come close to expressing how we both felt, finally, for the first time in eight years, being able to celebrate a birthday together.  It's going to be crazy and busy and hectic but surely also an amazing weekend ahead. 

Welcome to Boston sweet nugget & Happy 21st. Birthday you wondrous human being!! You are without a doubt my better half, your Father's daughter, and make me so proud to be your sister.  I can't wait to celebrate you!


Ready for the big Boston winter!! 


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