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28 November, 2018

My Everything

I'd been spending most of my days working at Bloom, not free from my academic obligations in Boston during my time away.  In this place, even with the change in menu and staff, it felt like I could still walk two minutes up the road to my flat after having spent the day working away over endless cups of coffee, some grub, and more often than not, rounding it off with a drink with friends.  I even got to see my sweet golden nugget, Henri, whom Sara was watching for Dylan whilst he was back in New Zealand on holiday.

Come nightfall, The King's Head was calling my name--regardless of whether it meant hi-lighting a few pages over a glass of bubbly or indulging in that deep fried Camembert burger I'd been longing for since I'd left over a bottle of wine or two with the ladies and a catch-up with Steve.   Lina arrived the day after I'd gotten myself sorted in the flat, in a way that only Lina could.

Given her resistance towards technology these days, she's only got a blue brick Nokia phone (that she rarely remembers to charge) at her disposal for contact stateside. She'd let me know when she was about to grab a cab after landing and from there, it was an approximation as to her ETA.  I worked at the desk near the window facing the street, ready to pop downstairs as soon as I saw a Black Cab heading in my direction.  It wasn't until a bright yellow cab circled the street, driver hopping out to have a look at the numbers on the doors that I headed down it couldn't be her...or could it? As I stood outside, debating whether or not I should approach the cab now parked a few houses up the road, I got an incoming phone call from an unknown number that, of course, was a slightly confused cab driver with my sister in the back.

We noshed on a bit of sushi, updating one another on the events surrounding our travels with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills playing in the background.  Mama arrived later that evening, looking chic as all hell albeit quite done with travel for the day after a doozy of a trip.  She'd forgotten her laptop in security, noticing it's absence with very little time before boarding was set to begin.  Lugging herself, her many shopping bags and luggage back to the other side of the airport, going through passport control three times in total and making it with but 2 min. to spare, she thankfully managed to retrieve it. I won't go into too much detail surrounding the rest of it but let's just say she was very happy to finally be in Fulham with her girls!!

After having dinner, the unpacking/present giving fiasco began.  Of course her suitcase's lock was somehow jammed, adding to her already elevated stress levels but in the end, we got it open and so began the offloading of everything from cute little bits she couldn't resist bringing along from the airport to Christmas presents for every man, woman and child we might run into over the holiday season.

She'd picked up two giant lipstick-shaped limited edition rosé Champagne coolers, the bottles tucked inside, at the airport that she felt needed to come along.  Too cute but damn, I now see why the trek back to security was made all the more difficult because those dudes weren't exactly light.  On a bit of a spree, she grabbed us two funky green lipsticks onboard that depending on your own unique PH levels, turns into a different shade of pink depending on who uses it, upon application.

Suction-cup socks, kilo after kilo of Danish candy bags, early Christmas presents, random gifts from the family and jewellery made their way out of a tightly packed suitcase that was surely going to go back near-empty in contrast with ours as Helene, Jason & Louie's presents were explained and divided between us two to lug to Cayman come Christmas.

Thereafter began outfit prep for the big day!! Mama and Lina had decided that if a British graduation wasn't the perfect opportunity to break out some fancy hats, they were at a loss.  Both the girls settled on their grad ensembles, leaving only the clueless bunch of to sort out what on Earth was supposed to be done with my weird "hood".  We had a look online but even so, were wary as to whether or not it was supposed to sit the way shown.  Lina helped me glue two email quotes I'd picked from Daddy, as well as a favourite Skype screenshot of us two into my graduation hat so that I could carry him with me throughout the day.



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