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18 November, 2018

Make 'Em Fall

For Lina's first full day in Boston we started off by heading to Boston University's physics campus for the annual Pumpkin drop where the physics students chuck a variety of pumpkins off the top of their building's roof and calculate speed, velocity, spatter etc. for their experiments in celebration of Halloween.  It was strangely satisfying to hear them break every time--some with dry ice, colourful silly string etc. on the inside.  The event ended with the "mother of all pumpkins" making its way off the building to the awe of the many onlookers and camera men in attendance to document the occasion . From there, we walked to my campus to grab some lunch and she got a tour before I had to sneak into a meeting.  I walked out to find Lina snoozing away in the reception!! That's the effect Law School has on "outsiders" apparently! 

Afterwards, we lounged out, catching up on life and trying to sort out our mass amount of travel plans over a sister pedicure and from there, went on the hunt to find some last minute things for our Halloween costumes for a party a few of my friends were hosting come Saturday.  

The coat I'm wearing in the pictures below is indeed not the one I shared yesterday!! That one is my hardcore Bostonian ice-time coat whereas this one is yes, pretty much the same as I've had for two? three? years now. I coughed up more than usual for this version of the coat as I can't imagine my life without my favourite, classic black wool and fur trench coat!!  It's apparently been going on long enough now for it to become my signature so hell, give the people what they want ;) This year's (and hopefully continuing onwards for a few more) is from Calvin Klein and if you're as enamored with it, have a look below and snap up your own!!



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