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27 November, 2018

Like I Never Left

I can't come to terms with the fact that I've been away from London for three months already now.  I'm used to being away for around that time anyways given summers in Denmark or time Stateside so it feels like I left only yesterday but so much has changed.  I've setup an entirely new life and made a new home for myself on the East Coast and to be returning to sweet Fulham so soon after all of this, I expected to be quite emotional.

The flights went off without a hitch and I have to say that I'm really impressed with Icelandair.  This is now my second time flying with them and I am continuously so well looked after.  Given both the issues I had flying to Boston with BA over the summer as well as data breach after data breach, my 20 year-old loyalties are admittedly wavering.  I felt safe on both the flight to Reykjavik as well as my connecting flight onwards to London and, just as I'd noticed the first time around, their seats are huge!! Of course I would have preferred to fly Business but with such little time in between booking and my departure, not a chance I was going to pay those prices.

I was sitting in the row just after Business and honestly, I couldn't see all that much of a difference.  Their seats are absolutely massive in comparison to other airlines and while I did pay to have this specific seat with extra leg room because of my restless legs and broken body, the first time I flew with them I remembered thinking the exact same thing.  I don't mind having to pay for food and drinks separately as I usually bring my own onto flights anyways and given how much homework I had to do, the fact that there's wifi is extremely helpful.

I didn't use the in-flight entertainment until flight two where I indulged myself, 70 pages of reading later, in watching a f*cking classic--Cheaper By The Dozen.  Steve Martin is life.  There is no room for disagreement here.  I can't really comment all too much on this aspect of the service since I didn't use it anymore than that but I'm sure they've got up-to-date goodies to view as well.

Jetlag hit like a ton of bricks as I landed in London.  It's only a 5 hour time difference so I'm unsure as to why I was struggling so much--maybe departure time?  I couldn't check-in to my Air BNB until 6 pm so unsurprisingly my first stop was a place I called home just as much as my actual flat--Bloom.  In scarily good timing, just as I'd finished paying the driver, I turned around to find Emma standing on the pavement, somehow knowing that it'd be me.  She was headed off to Ricardo's to do kids face-painting in celebration of Halloween and so with a big cuddle, I hoped in for a Skype conversation with Mama and a very large glass of Rosé out in the sun.  I joined them soon thereafter and eventually made it down the sunset-drenched streets of Fulham I know so well to one of the two Air BNBs I'd booked in for the trip.  My host is so sweet and has the cutest little mixed 4 month-old pupper, Pablo, who is my number one fan, and I his.

Emma, Ricardo & I met up again at our collective other home, The King's Head & Courtyard, for a Wednesday drink or two for old time's sake.  Rickie headed off to meet up with a friend in Soho and Sofia popped in just to say welcome back, absolutely knackered after a long day at work with a wake-up time the day following set at 5:30.  It was so great to see everybody again and to fit so seamlessly back into things.  I didn't bat a lash or feel anything other than happy as I pulled into Fulham.  Even with changes here and there both in the town and in the people, everything is still so much like it was when I lived here.  I feel so fortunate to be able to have called and continuously call London my home and to be able to slip right back into old routines so easily that it's as though I never left in the first place.  I will say, after finishing up our last glass of Rosé, it was an odd feeling not just being able to hop across the street and make my way up to my old flat but apart from that, you're girl is back.  Excited to see what this trip will bring my way :)

Hello, London <3


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